PLAY BY PLAY: 2014 IBJJF Worlds + Results (Sunday June1st)

PLAY BY PLAY: 2014 IBJJF Worlds + Results (Sunday June1st)

The 2014 IBJJF World championships take place at the Long Beach pyramid in California. The Worlds is the biggest and most prestigious tournament of the year. You can follow it by live streaming on IBJJF TV and also we at BJJ Eastern Europe will do a LIVE PLAY BY PLAY on Saturday and Sunday.

Schedule: http://ibjjf.org/world-jiu-jitsu-championship-2014-schedule/
Athlete list: http://static.ibjjfdb.com/Campeonato/000272/en-US/RegistrationsByCategoryAndAcademy.pdf
Brackets: http://events.ibjjf.com/

Results so far: http://static.ibjjfdb.com/Campeonato/000272/en-US/Results.pdf

2014 World Championships Preview & Predictions: https://www.bjjee.com/articles/2014-world-championships-preview-predictions/

Sunday PLAY BY PLAY Starts at 10AM Pacific time California (6pm UK time)


10 AM:



  • Bruno Malfacine x Brandon Mullins: Bruno beats Mullins and advances to the semi final
  • Jorge Santistevan x Luiz Andrade: Jorge Elias Bucaram Santistevan defeats Luiz Fernando Ribeiro de Andrade via toe hold
  • João Miyao x Koji Shibamoto: Miyao beats Koji 25-4 and advances
  • Ivaniel Oliveira x Leandro Lopes Escobar: Ivaniel Cavalcante de Oliveira defeats Leandro Lopes Escobar (Soul Fighters BJJ) and advances to the semi final

Rooster Semis:

  • Bruno Malfacine by gentleman’s agreement
  • Joao Miyao x Ivaniel Oliveira: Joao on points


  • Bruno Malfacine vs Joao Miyao: Crazy back and forth battle and Bruno wins by ref’s decision. Bruno Malfacine is a 6 times worlds black belt champion.



Light Feather

  • Carlos Holanda “Esquisito” x Laércio Fernandes: Carlos Holanda (CheckMat) defeats Laercio Fernandes (Alliance ) via points
  • Ichiro Kaneko x Guilherme Mendes: Guilherme Mendes (Atos Jiu-Jitsu) defeats Ichiro Kaneko (Pogona Club Gym) choke choke from the back.
  • Thomas Lisboa x Gabriel Moraes: Gabriel Moraes (CheckMat) defeats Thomas Lisboa (Alliance ) via points
  • Dai Yoshioka x Paulo Miyao: Paul Miyao defeats Dai Yoshioka via Points.

Light Feather Semis:

  • Gui Mendes x Carlos Holanda: Gui Mendes on points. Super boring fight.
  • Gabriel Moraes x Paulo Miyao: Paulo Miyao wins on points.


  • Gui Mendes x Paulo Miyao: Most of the match is spent in the 50 50 exchanging tight footlocks and toeholds. Gui takes it by 1 advantage. Very controversial decision. The crowd gives Paulo a standing ovation.




  • Rafael Mendes x Gianni Grippo: Rafa completely dominates and takes Gianni’s back. He sinks in the choke to advance.
  • Mário Reis x Denilson Pimenta: Mario Reis with by refs decision.
  • Rubens Cobrinha x Ítalo Lins: Cobrinha by armbar
  • Leonardo Cascão x Isaque Paiva:  Isaque on points.

Feather Semis:

  • Rafael Mendes x Mario Reis: They’re having a crazy tangled up match, Rafa end s up taking the back and taps Mario with a collar choke.
  • Cobrinha vs Isaque Paiva: Cobrinha wins 22-2


  • Rafa Mendes vs Cobrinha: Rafa wins 12-8 with a crazy speed of light scramble that gets him the mount.




  • Michael Langhi x Philipe Della Monica: Langhi puts on a clinic, goes from omoplata to triangle and gets the tap.
  • JT Torres x Juan Kamezawa: JT was trying to pass the guard most of the time, JT gets the ref decision.
  • Lucas Lepri x Rodrigo de Freitas: Lepri on points.
  • Celsinho Venícius x Roberto Satoshi: Satoshi wins 2-0

Light Semis:

  • Michael Langhi x JT Torres: JT on top looking for grips to pass. JT wins by 2 advantages!!! He got 2 points in the last few seconds.
  • Lucas Lepri vs Roberto Satoshi: Lepri passed Satoshi’s guard and went back to half gaurd and repassed and got 3 more points, he went back again and repassed. He now leads 9-0. Good strategy. Lucas wins 20-0!


  • JT Torres vs Lucas Lepri: Both are shooting for takedowns, Lepri takes JT down with a kouichi gari. Lepri passes then knee on belly, the passes again. Lepri wins 12-0.



  • Otávio Sousa x Vitor Henrique Oliveira: Otavio advances 4-2.
  • Alan Finfou x Jaime Canuto: Back and forth match. Alan Finfou scores a last second sweep to win 6-4. Crazy match.
  • Leandro Lo x Victor Silvério: These are two wild men. They looked pumped. Silverio is doing great but Lo wins by one advantage.
  • Victor Estima x Cláudio Calasans: The whole fight is a foot/ 50/50 battle. Victor wins by ref decision.


  • Otavio Sousa vs Alan Finfou: Otavio goes to DLR, traps the omoplata on Finfou and gets the tap.
  • Victor Estima vs Leandro Lo: Close match 2-2.Victor slaps on a tight Estima lock but Leandro escapes. Lo sweeps and goes on a crazy passing sequence and passes the guard. Lo goes through.


  • Otavio Sousa vs Leandro Lo: Both have 3 sweeps each. 2mins to go and Lo passes Otavio’s guard. Lo wins 9-6.



Middle Heavy:

  • Rômulo Barral x Abmar Barbosa: Abmar has a great half guard, but Romulo passes with his signature knee slide pass. Romulo finishes with a kimura from North South.
  • Guto Campos x Renato Cardoso: Guto wins by a larga margin of points.
  • Bráulio Estima x Thiago Silva: Braulio putting on a show, beautiful movement, takes the back and chokes.
  • Diego Gamonal x Murilo Santana: Murilo applying his trademark forward pressure, up by 6-0 as he takes the back. Murilo wins on points.


  • Romulo Barral x Guto Campos: Even match. Guto gets DQ’d for a knee reap.
  • Braulio Estima x Murilo Santana: Braulio is frustrating Murilo with his guard. Braulio sweeps, Murilo sweeps. Braulio sweeps and takes the back. Braulio advances.


  • Romulo Barral x Braulio Estima: Close out. Braulio gets the win (last year Romulo got the win when the two met)




  • André Galvão x Luiz Panza: Andre takes the win by choke from mount. Easily.
  • Jackson Sousa x Rafael Lovato Jr.: Jackson applying top pressure on Lovato’s open guard. Jackson is leading by advantages but is stalling a lot, he gets 2 penalties. He gets a third penalty 3 secs to the end and Lovato gets 2 points. Lovato wins.
  • Felipe Preguiça x Nivaldo Oliveira: Felipe on fire taps Nivaldo with an armbar.
  • Dimitrius Souza x Lucas Leite: Dimitrius Souza wins by 4-0 on advantages


  • Andre Galvao x Rafael Lovato Jr: Galvao gets the pass on double under and cruises for to a tactical victory.
  • Felipe Preguica x Dimitrius Souza: Felipe bow and arrow chokes Dimitrius.


  • Andre Galvao x Felipe Preguica: Preguica wins 6-4 in a nail biting back and forth battle.



Super heavy:

  • Léo Nogueira x Tarcísio Jardim: Leo wins 2-0
  • Rodolfo Vieira x James Puopolo: Rodolfo destroys…11-0 with a choke from the back in less than 2 minutes. Too easy for him.
  • Yuri Simões x Gustavo Pires: Yuri wins on points 3-2.
  • Bernardo Faria x Igor Silva: Bernardo gets the win.


  • Leo Nogueira x Rodolfo Vieira: Rodolfo makes quick work of Leo, straight to mount and finishes with Katagatame.
  • Yuri Simoes x Bernardo Faria: Good back and forth match but Faria gets the pass and back and wins on points.


  • Rodolfo Vieira x Bernardo Faria. Rodolfo passes, Bernardo insisting on the single, he almost gets the takedown and back but Rodolfo mounts and gets the armbar tap!


Ultra Heavy:

  • Ricardo Evangelista x Mario Barbosa: Evangelista on points.
  • Helton Nogueira x Marcus Buchecha: Buchecha by armbar.
  • Thiago Gaia x Rodrigo Cavaca: Gaia wins by ref decision.
  • Abraham Marte x Alexander Trans: 50/50 battle, Trans wins by 2 points.



  • Ricardo Evangelista x Marcus Buchecha: Buchecha gets a double leg takedown, Evangelista sweeps, Buchecha sweeps, takes the back and collar chokes him.
  • Thiago Gaia x Alexander Trans: Close out, win goes to Trans. They both train in UAE together.


  • Marcus Buchecha x Alexander Trans: Buchecha pulls and Trans passes the guard, up 3-0, Buchecha sweeps and takes the back, mounts, back and bow and arrow choke. Buchecha Ultra Haeavy champ once again.



Female black belt Finals:

  • Galo: Shiho Yaginums x Marcela Lawton: Shiho Yaginums wins
  • Pluma: Ariadne Oliveira x Gezary Kubis: Gezary Kubis wins
  • Pena: Michelle Nicolini x Tammi Musumeci: Michelle Nicolini wins on points.
  • Leve: Bia Mesquita x Luiza Monteiro: Bia wins on points.
  • Médio: Vanessa Oliveira x Janni Larsson: Janni Larsson wins on points.
  • Meio-pesado: Hannette Staack x Ana Laura Cordeiro: Ana Laura wins.
  • Pesado: Andresa Correa (Alliance) x Fernanda Mazzelli (Striker): Andresa Correa wins on points.
  • Superpesado: Andrea Pereira x Venla Luukkonen: Venla Luukkonen wins.

Open Weight Finals:

  • Marcus Buchecha x Rodolfo Vieira: They exchange grips and takedown attempts. Buchecha takes Rodolfo down with asingle leg with 5 mins to go and maintains top position until the end. Buchecha is now a6x world champion at black belt!
  • Bia Mesquita x Michelle Nicolini: Bia wins 5-0.