PLAY BY PLAY: 2014 IBJJF Worlds + Results (Saturday May 31st)

PLAY BY PLAY: 2014 IBJJF Worlds + Results (Saturday May 31st)


The 2014 IBJJF World championships take place at the Long Beach pyramid in California. The Worlds is the biggest and most prestigious tournament of the year. You can follow it by live streaming on IBJJF TV and also we at BJJ Eastern Europe will do a LIVE PLAY BY PLAY on Saturday and Sunday.

Schedule: http://ibjjf.org/world-jiu-jitsu-championship-2014-schedule/
Athlete list: http://static.ibjjfdb.com/Campeonato/000272/en-US/RegistrationsByCategoryAndAcademy.pdf
Brackets: http://events.ibjjf.com/

Results so far: http://static.ibjjfdb.com/Campeonato/000272/en-US/Results.pdf

2014 World Championships Preview & Predictions: https://www.bjjee.com/articles/2014-world-championships-preview-predictions/

PLAY BY PLAY Starts at 9AM Pacific time California (5pm UK time)



09 AM:

  • Brown belts: Mike Carbullido from Atos beats his first opponent easily on points.
  • Manny Diaz from Caio Terra is up now. Manny beats his first opponent on points.
  • Female black belt open class has started and Men’s black belt open class starting soon.
  • Men’s Open Class: Aj Agazarm vs Thomas Johanssen from Frontline Norway. Aj Sweeps with a shin to shin sweep, up 2-0. AJ wins by 2-0 in a tangled up footlock battle fight.
  • Ricardo Rezende (Cyborg Fight Sports)  beats his first opponent by toe hold. Nick Ruben from Norway against Omar Sabha from BTT now, Omar waiter sweeps, up 2-0. Omar wins by some advantages and will face Leandro Lo next!
  • Choi from Atos win shis first fight with his famous ‘Choi bar’.
  • A big brown belt match: Tim Spriggs vs Mike Carbullido. Exchanging grips. Spriggs hits a beautiful foot sweep. Spriggs is winning the grip fighting and is bigger than Mike. Mike pulls guard. He’s down 2-0 with lots of advantages for Spriggs. Spriggs wins 2-0.
  • Keenan Cornelius in his first match vs a huge Brazilian monster who must be at least 300 lbs. Keenan on bottom playing closed guard. Keenan playing lapel guard but his opponent is hard to sweep. Keenan is through by ref decision. Keenan will meet Leandro Lo next!
  •  Roberto Cyborg vs Tanner Rice now. Cyborg trying hard to pass guard. Cyborg passes.
  •  Rodolfo now vs AJ Agazarm! Rodolfo trip takedowns AJ. Rodolfo straight to mount. AJ sweeps as Rodolfo is trying to cross choke him. Rodolfo single leg TD’s AJ, gets his back and two collar back chokes AJ. Great fight, AJ is tough.
  • Leandro Lo now vs Omar Sabha. Leandro wins easily by sub, he will meet Keenan next!
  • Buchecha armbars Juarez Harles and will face Ricardo Evangelista next.
  • Alexander Trans wins his first fight by kneebar and will meet Murilo Santana next.
  • Abraham Marte vs Bernadro Faria. Bernardo grinding through a pass. Bernardo switches over to an armbar while passing and taps Abraham.
  • Braulio Estima beats Cyborg and now faces Bernardo Faria. Bernardo wins on points.
  • Rodolfo vs Sean Roberts. Roberts is giving Rodolfo a hard time with his tricky guard but Rodolfo eventually passes, mounts, switches to the back and taps him out with a collar choke.
  • Ok big match, Keenan vs Leandro Lo! Keenan pulls guard and straight to lapel/worm guard, he almost sweeps Lo twice. Keenan tornado sweeps Lo! Lo sweeps back. More back and forth sweeps. Keenan beats Leandro 6-4! Wow!
  • Buchecha beats Ricardo Evangelista by ref decision.
  • Felipe Preguica vs Panza. It’s a footlock battle. Back and forth big scramble. Felipe takes it 6-5 on advantages. Crazy intense match.
  • Leo Nogueira vs Keenan Cornelius now. Double guard pull. Leo on top takes an advantage. Keenan triangles Leo Nogueira!
  • Tim Spriggs destroys his opponent in the brown belt heavyweight final. Takedown, straight to mount and bow and arrow.
  • Rodolfo vs Trans. Of course Trans pulls and Rodolfo putting pressure in half guard. Rodolfo has double underhook, passes to mount. Rodolfo bread cutter chokes Trans.
  • Featherweights: Budo Jake vs Rafael Costa. Jake underneath in half guard, working the lockdown. Jake gets caught in a baseball choke.
  • Buchecha taps Felipe Preguica with a crazy footlock.
  • Open Weight semi finals:  Buchecha vs Keenan and  Rodolfo vs Bernardo.
  • Rodolfo vs Bernardo. Berndardo is doing what he always does, trapping the lapel on single. Rodolfo passes, mounts and wrist locks Bernardo.
  • Buchecha vs Keenan. Buchecha pulls guard and sweeps early. Up by 2 points. Keenan now working the worm guard. Keenan sweeps! It’s 2-2. More back and forth sweeps. 30 secs to go Buchecha explodes and passes the guard. Close match and Buchecha will meet Rodolfo tomorrow in the Open weight final.
  • Weight classes matches are on now.
  • Cobrinha vs Robson Barbosa from Checkmat Sweden. Cobrinha passes and takes the back. Cobrinha wins on points.
  • Gianni Grippo vs Simone Franceshini. Gianni takes the win on points.
  • Oliver Geddes loses 23-0 to Lucas Lepri.
  • Roberto Satoshi submits his first with a crazy acrobatic back take rear naked choke submission.
  • Gui Mendes vs Paulo Silva. Gui wins by choke.
  • Paulo Miyao defeats Tomoya Yanagisawa via Bow and Arrow
  • DJ Jackson took down his first opponent and submitted him with a wristlock.
  • Aj Agazarm defeats Marcel Goncalves via points and advances.
  • Lucas Lepri beats Gabriel by points and advances to the next round
  • Keenan Cornelius got DQ’ed for a knee reap during a scramble vs Diego Nogueira.
  • Clark Gracie wins his first match with a rolling kimura switching to armbar.
  • Braulio vs Dan Schon. Braulio gets the triangle.
  • Kit Dale taps out Mauricio Antunes with an armbar from the mount.
  • Sinistro vs Celso Vinicius. Celsinho wins 5-2.
  • Victor Estima Defeats Marcelo Lapela on points
  • Satoshi completely dominates and rear naked chokes AJ Agazarm.
  • Rodrigo De Freitas defeats DJ Jackson on points.
  • Marcos de Souza defeats Kit Dale by referee decision
  • Leandro Lo is through by 20-0
  • Lovato mounts Emiliano Simonelli. Lovato by armbar.
  • Romulo Barral defeats Mello with choke from the back. Easy for him.
  • Clark Gracie vs Jaime Canuto. Canuto eliminates Clark Gracie 3-2.
  • Lovato Wins via Cross Collar choke from mount vs Alessandro Cecconi.
  • Lucas Rocha vs Alan Finfou Nascimento. Finfou through by 2 points.



Bruno Malfacine x Brandon Mullins
Jorge Santistevan x Luiz Andrade

João Miyao x Koji Shibamoto
Ivaniel Oliveira x Leandro Lopes Escobar

Light Feather

Carlos Holanda “Esquisito” x Laércio Fernandes
Ichiro Kaneko x Guilherme Mendes

Thomas Lisboa x Gabriel Moraes
Dai Yoshioka x Paulo Miyao


Rafael Mendes x Gianni Grippo
Mário Reis x Denilson Pimenta

Rubens Cobrinha x Ítalo Lins
Leonardo Cascão x Vitor Peres


Michael Langhi x Philipe Della Monica
JT Torres x Juan Kamezawa

Lucas Lepri x Rodrigo de Freitas
Celsinho Venícius x Roberto Satoshi


Otávio Sousa x Vitor Henrique Oliveira
Alan Finfou x Jaime Canuto

Leandro Lo x Victor Silvério
Victor Estima x Cláudio Calasans

Middle Heavy:

Rômulo Barral x Abmar Barbosa
Guto Campos x Renato Cardoso

Bráulio Estima x Thiago Silva
Diego Gamonal x Murilo Santana


André Galvão x Luiz Panza
Jackson Sousa x Rafael Lovato Jr.

Felipe Preguiça x Nivaldo Oliveira
Dimitrius Souza x Lucas Leite

Super heavy:

Léo Nogueira x Tarcísio Jardim
Rodolfo Vieira x James Puopolo

Yuri Simões x Gustavo Pires
Bernardo Faria x Igor Silva

Ultra Heavy:

Ricardo Evangelista x Mario Barbosa
Helton Nogueira x Marcus Buchecha

Thiago Gaia x Rodrigo Cavaca
Abraham Marte x Alexander Trans

Female black belt Finals:

Galo: Shiho Yaginums x Marcela Lawton
Pluma: Ariadne Oliveira x Gezary Kubis
Pena: Michelle Nicolini x Tammi Musumeci
Leve: Bia Mesquita x Luiza Monteiro
Médio: Vanessa Oliveira x Janni Larsson
Meio-pesado: Hannette Staack x Ana Laura Cordeiro
Superpesado: Andrea Pereira x Venla Luukkonen

Open Weight Finals:

Marcus Buchecha x Rodolfo Vieira
Bia Mesquita x Michelle Nicolini