Paulo & Joao Miyao Get Promoted To Black Belt: Set To Make Immediate Impact In New BB Division

Paulo & Joao Miyao Get Promoted To Black Belt: Set To Make Immediate Impact In New BB Division


Yesterday, twin brothers Joao Miyao and Paulo Miyao were promoted to BJJ Black Belts by their Professor Cicero Costha in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The academy hosts other famous black belts such as Leandro Lo and Luiza Monteiro. 

The brothers are known for their guard game which consists mostly of berimbolo and back takes. At the last World Championship, in Long Beach, they closed out the brown belt light-featherweight division. Paulo Miyao won the absolute, defeating Keenan Cornelius, which is an amazing feat since he competes at light feather.

The brothers won everything this year: European Open, Pan, Brasileiro and Worlds, it only made sense that Professor Ciceropromote them to well deserved black belt.

How will they fare at black belt? In the opinion of many, they will make a immediate impact. Both brothers have already competed with and beaten established black belts in competitions like in the Brazilian qualifiers for the World Pro (ex: this year’s black belt world champion Gabriel Moraes was defeated by Paulo.) We won’t have to wait long to see them shine at black belt:

“They will have great fights as black belts. João and Paulo will debut in the new division next Saturday, in São Paulo, when we will be able to see if they are ready for it. Last year, Paulo was graduated brown belt by me before João and now we decided to have their promotions at the same time. I’m very happy with that. They are two very skilled kids that train a lot and have a lot of determination. They came from the countryside and they are doing great in what they like to do the most. Now, they travel the world thanks to Jiu-Jitsu. It’s a honor to have them here with us.” explained Cicero Costha.

What did Paulo Miyao have to say about his new belt: “For real, I’m not anxious to compete in the new rank at all. I’ll try to do my best, as usual.”

We’ll follow their evolution closely. They have the whole summer to “fit in” their new belt and come the first big gi event of the year: Europeans in Januray, they should be ready.

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