Metamoris IV Results & Play By Play

Metamoris IV Results & Play By Play



Andre Galvao vs Chael Sonnen ( NO GI)

Chael shoots low single and takes Andre down. Chael in Andre’s guard. Chael is bleeding. They stop for a bit to check the cut. They continue. Andre working open guard. Chael heavy on top. Andre sweeps and takes the back! Andre working the Rnc. Galvao gets the tap!

Josh Barnett vs Dean Lister (No Gi)

Big match: Dean Lister vs Josh Barnett! Barnett with the Dan Severn look: speedos and wrestling shoes lol. Barnett 35lbs heavier. Dean pulls guard. Barnett passes the guard. Dean recovers half guard. Barnett dominating and cradling Dean. Barnett going for chokes and kimuras. Josh so much stronger and bigger. Barnett taps Lister with a neck crank with 10 secs left!!!!!!!

Barnett after submitting Lister: “Jiu-Jitsu is great but catch wresling is the real deal!”


Secret Match: Jeff Glover vs Baret Yoshida (No Gi)

Next is the secret match! It’s Baret Yoshida vs Jeff Glover!!!! Jeff doing his crazy playful but dangerous style. Turning his back. Baret is chasing him. Jeff does a headstand in the middle of the mat lol This match is all over the place. Like watching two snakes fighting.


Vinny Magalhaes vs. Keenan Cornelius (NO GI)

Keenan vs Vinny next!!! Vinny in spats and long sleeve rashguard. Keenan has Rafa Mendes in his corner. Vinny is 35lbs heavier. Keenan pulls guard and goes to 5050. Vinny on top and Keenan has open guard. Both guys are attacking the feet. Oh man! Vinny attacks with an inverted heel hook but amazingly Keenan escapes! Keenan x-guard sweeps Vinny. 5mins left. Keenan passes the guard! They re back up. Keenan takes jim down, passes and mounts! Keenan goes for a reverse triangle and Vinny escapes. Time runs out.

Draw but Keenan completely dominated this match.


Rodrigo ‘Comprido’ Medeiros vs Saulo Ribeiro (GI)

Comprido has Roberto Traven and Eduardo Telles in his corner. Saulo has Xande and big Joao. Comprido is 20lbs heavier and way taller.

Saulo tries to sumi gaeshi but Comprido stuffs it. they’re back up. They’re exchanging grips. Old school style, no guard pulling here. Boom! Saulo drop seoi nage! Comprido has the lapel and sweeps Saulo! They’re back on their feet now. Saulo pulls guard, they get back up. 3 mins left Comprido pulls guard. Saulo mounts!!! With 2 mins left they re in half guard. Comprido waiter sweeps Saulo! They’re back up. Comprido pulls closed guard and reverses and attacks the back. Time runs out.

Draw! Great match back and forth.

Gary Tonon vs. Kit Dale (NO GI)

Tonon went for a heel hook, kit defends. Tonon more agressive, keeps attacking. Gary catches Kit with a snap down guillotine, and Kit…..taps! 3 mins! Gary calls out Kron Gracie for either Metamoris 5 or MMA!