Metamoris III: Play By Play & Results

Metamoris III: Play By Play & Results



Zak Maxwell vs Sean Roberts

Maxwell dominates the match vs Sean Roberts, passes the guard, mounts twice and has a few submission attempts. Very exciting match.




Guilherme Mendes vs Samir Chantre

Gui Mendes passes the guard, puts a lot of top of pressure, Gui taps him with a baseball choke from north south at 5 mins in.

Winner Guilherme Mndes by baseball choke.



Dean Lister vs Renato Babalu Sobral

Lister looks huge! Lister pulls guard, Babalu engages and Lister immediately arm drags him to end up on top in closed guard. Lister goes for a heelhook but Babalu escapes. Babalu now on top. Babalu has great defense. Babalu has 2 tight Darce chokes but Lister has no problem escaping. Very good match, very even.




Keenan Cornelius vs Kevin Casey on 30 mins notice ( he replaces Vinny Magalhaes who is out with staph infection).

Casey with 2 nice foot sweeps, keenan working open guard, Casey has a strong base. Keenan takes Kevin down and mounts Kevin. Kevin reverses, Keenan catches Kevin in a reverse heel hook, Kevin taps! 12 mins in.

Keenan Cornelius by heel hook.



Rafael Mendes vs Clark Gracie

Rafa almost gets Clark’s back. Clark defending well all of Rafa’s back attacks. Very even match. Lots of spinning around. Very technical match.




Royler Gracie vs Eddie Bravo

Eddie pulls half guard. Royler putting lots of pressure. Eddie sweeps Royler. Half guard, Eddie passes his guard. Almost gets the back, Royler reverses and now on top smiling! Back and forth sweeps! Eddie has Royler in a calf slicer for 3 mins. Crazy match. Time runs out. Eddie was more dangerous.