Metamoris II Results & Review

Metamoris II Results & Review
Photo by: bjjpix

Photo by: bjjpix


The evening started with Victor Estima vs JT Torres: This was a 20 mins footlock battle with reaping (since this wasn’t IBJJF rules). The whole fight pretty much consisted of leg entangled battle with both fighters exchanging footlocks and kneebar attempts. At the end it was declared a draw.

Mackenzie Dern vs Michelle Nicolini:

Mackenzie came out agreesive out of the bat attacking Michelle’s feet. The rest of the fight was an up and down battle with both fighters exchanging attacks. At the end it was declared a draw. This was the second draw of the night but since there weren’t any clear dominant positions achieved, it was a draw.

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu vs Brendan Schaub (No Gi)

Brendan Schaub pretty much spent the whole fight avoiding the ground fight and using his athleticism to stall and block Cyborg’s attacks and tornado rolls. This fight was reminiscent of the Randy Couture vs Jacare submission fight a few years back where Schaub did the same thing as Randy and just blocked. The crowd started taunting Schaub and Cyborg grew a bit frustrated. It was a pity that Cyborg wasn’t more aggressive in his attacks and didn’t try different sweeps or moves to end up on top. The fight was decided a win for Cyborg by Judge’s decision.

At this point the crowd were clearly frustrated from having watched 3 frankly boring fights. The agony was not over but the crowd became excited with the anouncement of  Metamoris III: Eddie Bravo vs Royler Gracie:


Andre Galvao vs Rafael Lovato 

The fight started with some grip fighting. Galvao attempted a few flying triangles. There were some close throw attempts and Galvao eventually passed Lovato’s long legs, and threatened to take his back. The fight was declared a unanimous decision for Galvao. 

Rodolfo Vieira vs Braulio Estima

Braulio avoided Rodolfo’s superior judo game and pulled guard right away, and started to work his famed spider guard game. He had a unusual grip on Rodolfo’s skirt. Rodolfo’s passing game was held at bay by Braulio’s grips but he was eventually able to pass the guard, after a 10 mins, but Braulio got back to guard. At the end of the match Rodolfo got around Braulio’s guard and threatened a very close armbar while Braulio ended up with Rodolfo’s foot. The fight was declared a win for Rodolfo by the judges.

Kron Gracie vs Shinya Aoki 

Both fighters were feeling each other out in the first few mins then Kron jumped closed guard and immediatly started to go to work. Kron threatened a guillotine and they rolled over a few times but Aoki defended. Kron then reaplied another guillotine and as they rolled almost out of bounds, Kron mounted and finished Aoki. Kron by guillotine choke.

All in all it was a frustrating night for Jiu-Jitsu fans. It seemend like the fact that they had judges who would decide on the winner at the end of the fight, changed the way the fight went, like the fighters were not going for the kill, and were careful not to lose positions. Metamoris 1 was much more exciting because they knew that if the fight ends without a submission, it would be a draw.


Photo by: bjjpix




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