Japanese/Brazilian Champs Marcos & Satoshi Souza: “We Are Joining Team Atos.”

Japanese/Brazilian Champs Marcos & Satoshi Souza: “We Are Joining Team Atos.”

Marcos (Left) and Roberto ‘Satoshi’ (Right)

The brothers Marcos and Roberto “Satoshi” Souza are multiple Asian, World pro, and European champions and are based in Japan under their own team Bonsai BJJ. They are half Japanese, half Brazilian. They have just confirmed to GRACIEMAG that they have officially joined Team Atos:

“André Galvão gave us great support to come to California and is helping us in training. Our friendships with Rafa and Gui Mendes have also influenced our choice for us to come to San Diego. To thank them, we will try to strengthen their team in the black belt. In Japan, we’ll  continue teaching under Bon Sai team founded by our late father 20 years ago. We always had a very good friendship with many black belts from other teams. Many people do not know, but in Brazil I worked with (Rubens) Cobrinha and Michael Langhi. When Lucas Lepri and Cobrinha came to Japan, they stayed in my house.”

About their training for the worlds:

“The workouts are really crazy. Before I admired Andre Galvao as a fighter, but now I admire him as a leader.The drills are fully geared for the competition and I’m sure this will help me a lot. We have beaten tough opponents, won major championships, but with this support I am sure that we will evolve and surprise people!”

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