Gordon Ryan Will Face Felipe Pena in a Sub Only No Time Limit Superfight

Gordon Ryan Will Face Felipe Pena in a Sub Only No Time Limit Superfight


20 year old Gordon Ryan is a man on a mission. He wants to be the best grappler on the planet and he intends to face all the best grapplers at all weight classes!

Gordon Ryan with around 5 years of training, in the last few months, submitted the gold, silver, and bronze medalists of ADCC (Olympics of submission grappling) Yuri Simoes, Keenan Cornelius, and Rustam Chsiev. All of which are a weight class above his own, Which in ADCC is a big jump (over 20lbs).

Now he has pushed hard to face another member of the grappling elite: the 2014 BJJ world champion (later stripped of title for failing doping test) and 2016 ADCC silver medalist Felipe ‘Preguica’ Pena in a sub only no time limit format which he favours.


World Champion Felipe Pena Tests Positive for Banned Substance, Faces 1 year Ban


The event will go down at Studio 540 in Solana beach, California on December 17th and will be financed by Mr Mo Jassim, an Emiratee businessman who is a big grappling fan as well as an ADCC referee.

Gordon told BJJEE.com about his motivation behind this superfight:

This is a match I’ve wanted for a while. Pena is very tall and long like myself. He was one of my favorites to watch last adcc with his aggressive guard passing style. He’s one of the biggest names in modern submission grappling and it’s going to be an honor to compete against him. I’m just a young kid who wants to test himself against the greatest names to ever compete. Shout out to Mr Pena for accepting .

Gordon also told BJJEE that his wish/hit list is comprised of the following major names, and he is dead serious:

Erberth santos. Galvanized (Galvao). Cyborg. Rafa mendes. Josh Barnet. Calasans. Lepri. Buchecha. lavato. Vinny m. Davi Ramos. Dillon danis. Matheus. Bernardo faria.rudolfo. leandro lo. And some others that slipped my mind I’m sure lol

20 year old Gordon Ryan came in as a late replacement at this year’s EBI 6 heavyweight open weight invitational and to the surprise of many, won the whole tournament submitting Yuri Simoes in the semi final and Rustam Chsiev in the final. Ryan is a recently promoted black belt under Garry Tonon, and is part John Danaher’s ‘death squad’.
He has an impressive resume:
World No-Gi Champion (2015 brown)
EBI 6 Champion (2o16 absolute)
Newaza Challenge Champion (2015)
Grappling Industries Tournament Champion (2016 absolute)
Pan American No-Gi Championship 3rd Place (2014 purple)




Highlight of the almost 90 minute match between Gordan and Keenan. Match took place at grappling industries: