Female BJJ Player, Janni Larsson Enters Men Division @German Open & Takes 2nd Place

Female BJJ Player, Janni Larsson Enters Men Division @German Open & Takes 2nd Place



Source: Swedish news website www.expressen.se

An administration mistake in the registration of a German Ne Waza competition ( IJJF Jiu Jitsu Ne waza) meant that female Brazilian jiu-jitsu player Janni Larsson (Sweden) ended up in the men’s class!
But the Swede was successful against the guys – and won three of four matches.
“One of the male competitors that I beat did not go up and get his medal afterwards.” says Larsson 

Janni Larsson, is the 2013 world champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu at brown belt. She travelled to Germany to compete in the German Open – but was told that she had been improperly placed in the men’s class.

“There was another girl in my weight class, -70 kilos class, but because they thought I was a guy, so they called her and said there was no one to compete against her, and that there was no point in her coming. But I was already registered in the men’s division, so I thought, “If can get to compete against these guys then why not? ‘. And there I was, says Larsson


Of the four matches that Larsson did in the German Open, she won three, resulting in a silver medal.

How did you beat the boys boys?

“I thought most of it would be a fun thing. But I had not expected it to go so well. Although I was in the same weight class, the guys have larger percentage of muscles, so they are stronger.”she says.

“This competition was based on Newaza, which is the ground part of Judo or jiujitsu. I have been practicing it for quite a while, and when you practice against larger people, you learn to use your legs. It works well against those that are larger than you.”

“Two of them that I won against did not react in any particular way. But one of the guys, who took bronze, he did not come to the prize ceremony afterwards. I think he underestimated me a little bit in our match. I think he reacted a little too late.”

Sweden's Janni Larsson double gold at the 2013 ibjjf worlds

Sweden’s Janni Larsson double gold at the 2013 ibjjf worlds

Would you be willing to meet guys in competition again?

– Absolutely. But only if all the guys think it’s okay. These guys did it, but it can not be expected of all competitions in the future. It may feel weird for a guy to lose to a girl. It is a physical martial art.”