Fabricio Werdum USADA Testing Is Too Much – It’s Stricter than the Olympics

Fabricio Werdum USADA Testing Is Too Much – It’s Stricter than the Olympics


Fabricio Werdum has often been quite outspoken about various UFC practices – which on occasion got him into plenty of trouble. Now he’s opted to weigh in on UFC’s partnership with USADA which was established as far back as 2015.

A recent opponent of Werdum’s has been pinged by USADA for testing positive for hydrochlorothiazide – Junior Dos Santos. This occurrence rendered Cigano unable to fight at the scheduled 215 card against Ngannou.

Interestingly, dos Santos adamantly denies having taken anything and his once angry opponent is ready to side with him and critize UFC’s partnership:

“I think that this testing is too much, too strict,” Werdum told MMA Fighting. “It didn’t have to be that much. It’s one thing to take something to recover faster… I’m not saying steroids, no. What I say is that USADA is too much sometimes. It’s too much. It didn’t need that much. This testing is stricter than the Olympics.”

“I’ve never seen this before. I think it could be better. There are things that you could take that wouldn’t affect your performance, but you would recover faster. We train too hard.”


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Werdum has his differences with Dos Santos when they fought in the past, but even so, he is empathizing with his former rival.

“I think it’s a pity that this happened, but we have to wait for the second test. We don’t get along because we fought in the past, but there’s no reason to say anything bad about him. That can happen to anyone, to unknowingly take something that is banned.”

“I have no right to say anything about this case,” Werdum said. “We have to wait for the second test to find out if he really took something… If he really took something he has to pay for it without fighting for a while, which is a pity.”

Of course USADA testing has resulted in some fairly obvious body image changes of many fighters: