Copa Podio 2013 Full Results

Copa Podio 2013 Full Results


Cities Challenge Diego Borges defeated Rodrigo Reis by armbar

Couples Challenge :

Leandro Lo defeated Augusto Tanquinho (5 to 2)

Mackenzie Dern defeated Luiza Monteiro (8-2)

Tanquinho and Mackenzie win the couples match (10-7)

Copa Podio
Heavyweight GP
1st round:

HWGP Alex Souza outscores Lagarto 2-0 (sweep).
HWGP – Braga Neto dominates Bruno Bastos and scores 10-0.
Alex Souza, Braga Neto: 3pts; Lagarto, Bruno Bastos, Joao Gabriel: 0pts.

2nd Round:

HWGP Joao Gabriel beats Alex Souza 2-0 with a takedown. #copapodio
HWGP Braga Neto wins 4-0 on advantages over Lagarto. Braga now has 6pts. #copapodio
Standings: Antonio Braga Neto-6pts; joao Gabriel, Alex Souza- 3pts; Bruno Bastos, Lucio F. Rodrigues-0pts.

3rd Round:

HWGP with another pass and the mount, Alex Souza outscores Bruno Bastos 10-0 for the win. #copapodio
HWGP Lagarto defeats Joao Gabriel 7-0 to comeback in the green group #copapodio

4th Round:

HWGP Braga Neto and Slex Souza tie to get to 7pts each #copapodio
HWGP Joao Gabriel overcomes Bruno Bastos’ experience to win 3-0 and get to 6pts. #copapodio

5th Round:

Lucio F. Rodrigues beat Bruno Bastos 8-2
Antonio Braga Neto beat Joao Gabriel 2-0

Antonio Braga Neto-10pts; Alex Souza- 7pts; joao Gabriel, Lucio F. Rodrigues-6pts; Bruno Bastos- 0pts.


1st Round

Keenan Cornelius vs Leonardo Nogueira,2-2
Rodolfo Vieira vs Alexandro Ceconi, Rodolfo via choke

2nd Round

Alexandre Ribeiro beats Keenan Cornelius 4-2
Rodolfo Vieira beats Leonardo Nogueira 9-0

3rd Round:

HWGP Ceconi wins 1-0 (adv) over Cornelius to score 3pts #copapodio
HWGP Leo Nogueira uses sll his strategy to defeat Xande 2-1 on adv. #copapodio

4th Round:

Rodolfo Vieira beats Keenan Cornelius 10-0
Alexandre Ribeiro armbars Alex Ceconi.

5th Round:

Leonardo Nogueira tapped Alex Ceconi from the back
Rodolfo Vieira beat Alexandre Ribeiro 6-0 on advs.

Rodolfo Vieira-13 pts; Leonardo Nogueira-8pts; Alexandre Ribeiro- 7pts; Alex Ceconi- 3pts; Keenan Cornelius-1pt.

Rodolfo vs Xande

Semi Final:

HWGP Leo Nogueira beats Braga Neto 7-0 for a spot in the final

HWGP Rodolfo Vieira armbars Alex Souza and gets in the final too


Rodolfo Vieira beats Leo Nogueira 3 to 1 on Advs


Leandro Lo defeated Felipe Preguiça 3-2 with 10 seconds remaining in the match.



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