Buchecha Reigns Supreme At 2013 Worlds, Big Upsets At Black Belts. Full Recap.

Buchecha Reigns Supreme At 2013 Worlds, Big Upsets At Black Belts. Full Recap.


The 2013 Worlds were very exciting. Big upsets happened at most belts: The Mendes brother who made a habit of winning everything didn’t take the gold this time, Caio Terra finally finally beat Bruno Malfacine in the finals of the Worlds after a 4 year run trying, Rodolfo being dominated by Buchecha, Buchecha being the new king of Jiu-Jitsu taking over from Roger Gracie, Ary Farias beating veteran Gabriel Moraes and getting DQ’d for celebrating outside of the tatami area, Leandro Lo marking his reign in the lightweights.The absolute champions have not changed, but Jiu-Jitsu in 2013 brought great news: Favorites have fallen, new names have conquered the world, but two things have remained the same: Marcus Buchecha and Gabi Garcia are the best black belts in the world.


Absolute : Marcus Buchecha x Rodolfo Vieira

Buchecha pulled guard and Rodolfo stood, but in one swift motion, the athlete of Checkmat got a sweep in the first minute. Three minutes later, Buchecha took the back and extended to 6 × 0, but failed to finish. With 40 seconds left, it was 9 × 0 and went for the armbar but time ran out. Buchecha, is the absolute world champion.

Rooster : with 10 seconds left, Caio Terra beats Bruno Malfacine

Bruno Malfacine finished Raul Gomes in straight knee bar
Felipe Costa finished Igor Rodriguez by banana split 

Ivaniel Cavalcante submitted Koji Shimamoto with a choke
Caio Terra submitted Fabio Passos with a straight knee brace

Bruno Malfacine submits Felipe Costa  with a triangle
Caio Terra beats Ivaniel Oliveira on points

Final: Bruno Malfacine x Caio Terra

Bruno Malfacine nearly took his back, but Caio Terra defended well, losing the advantages (2 × 0). Caio tried to sweep, but he only got was an advantage. Three minutes from the end, Caio took the lead with a sweep, but Bruno came to stand in front with a sweep. With 10 seconds left, Caio could sweep and win the world title from his rival for the first time since 2008.

Ligh feather : Ary wins, but “celebrates too much” and gets the silver

Yukinori Sasa beats Samuel Braga on points
Ary Farias beats Laércio Fernandes on points
Gabriel Moraes beats Gabriel Wilcox on points
Daniel Beleza beats Guilherme Mendes by judges’ decision

Ary Farias beats Yukinori Sasa on points
Gabriel Moraes beats Daniel Beleza on points

Final: Gabriel Moraes x Ary Farias

The talented Ary Farias would get the gold medal by winning the advantages Gabriel Afonso (3 × 2), but in a controversial decision – and much booed by the crowd – the athlete was disqualified for leaving the mat area before being announced as the winner. With the decision, Gabriel got the gold medal. “Lack of respect”, shouted the crowd in the gym.

Feather weight: At the last second, Tanquinho interupts the reign of Rafa Mendes

Rubens Charles beats Theodoro Canal on points.
Tanquinho beats Eduardo Ramos by points.
Mario Reis beats Oswaldo Augusto by points.
Rafael Mendes beats Michael Araujo by armbar

Augusto Tanquinho beats Rubens Cobrinha by points
Rafael Mendes beats Mário Reis by points

Final: Augusto Tanquinho x Rafael Mendes

The fight began, and in a few seconds, Augusto was sweeping Rafael Mendes to score 2 × 0 on the scoreboard. Rafa threatened a triangle and omoplata but Tanquinho defended well. The advantage went to Rafa. Mendes got a score in the end to tie, and a falll in the last seconds earned him the advantage to the gold medal, breaking the reign of Rafael Mendes which had lasted three years.

Lightweight : With a sweep, Lo gets the championship

Michael Langhi beats by Zac Maxwell on points
Rodrigo Caporal beats Claudio Cardoso on points
Leandro Lo beats Vinicius Marinho on points.
Lucas Lepri beats Rodrigo Freitas with a choke

Michael Langhi beats Rodrigo Caporal on points.
Leandro Lo beats Lucas Lepri by advantages.

Final: Michael Langhi x Leandro Lo

Leandro Lo did a blitz on Michel Langhi to try to catch the back, but the lightweight champion managed to escape, but fell behind by 2 × 0. With 50 seconds left, Lo managed to sweep that secured his second consecutive gold medal.

Middle :

Otavio Sousa beat by David Ramos points
Victor Henrique beat Murilo Santana by points
Claudio Calasans beats Augusto Tio Chico by points
Victor Estima beats Clark Gracie by points

Otavio Sousa beats Victor Henrique with an armbar
Claudio Calasans beats Vitor Estima by points

Final: Otavio Sousa x Cláudio Calasans

With 52 seconds remaining, the athlete from Gracie Barra, Otavio Sousa got another sweep to get the world championship.

Middle heavyweight : Barral closes division with Braulio

Romulo Barral passed after agreement with Kleber Oliveira
Guto Campos beat Tarsis Humphreys by points
André Galvão submits Dimitrius Souza with a back choke
Braulio Estima submits Rodrigo Fajardo

Romulo Barral beats Guto Campos by points
Braulio Estima defeated Andre Galvao by points

Final: Romulo Barral x Braulio Estima

Romulo and Braulio being teammates, Romulo takes the win by agreement.

Heavyweight : Rodolfo Vieira over Lucas Leite

Rodolfo Vieira beat Yuri Simões by points
Nivaldo Olvieira beat Fabiano Junior by choke
Xande Ribeiro submits Maximilian Freitas with a choke from the mount
Lucas Leite beat Roberto Tussa by points

Rodolfo Vieira submits Nivaldo Oliveira
Lucas Leite beats Xande Ribeiro by decision

Final: Rodolfo Vieira x Lucas Leite

Rodolfo Vieira faced another athlete of Checkmat in the final at weight. The black belt of GFTeam passed guard early and put his knee on belly to open 5 × 0. Two minutes later, the score was already 13 × 0 in his favor when he finished with a choke, making him 3x champion at weight.

Super-Heavy : More experienced Bernardo Faria surpasses Joao Gabriel

Bernardo Faria chokes Lucas Sachs
Luiz Panza submits João Assis by footlock
Rafael Lovato beats Antonio Peinado on points
João Gabriel submits Leo Leite with a choke from the back

Bernardo Faria submits Luiz Panza
Joao Gabriel beats Rafael Lovato on points

Final: Bernardo Faria vs Joao Gabriel

Debuting at the worlds in black belt, Joao Gabriel started the fight at full speed, attacking the experienced Bernardo Faria, but unable to score. The athlete of Alliance began the second half of the fight with 2 × 0 lead after sweeping. Then he managed to increase the lead to 6 × 0. John struck his foot in the final seconds, but it was too late: Bernardo Faria, is double world champion at black belt.

Ultraheavyweight : Cavaca repays the favor and gives the gold to Buchecha

Marcus Buchecha submits Igor Silva with an armbar
Alexander Trans beats Roberto Cyborg by decision
Cavaca submits Gustavo Dias by footlock.
Abraham Marte beats Ricardo Evangelista by points

Buchecha beats Alexander Trans by judge’s decision
Rodrigo Cavaca beats Abrahan Marte by disqualification

Final: Marcus Buchecha x Rodrigo Cavaca

After closing the division in Abu Dhabi (the gold went to Cavaca) Buchecha got the gold medal this time, leaving his teacher in second place on the mat.

Absolute : Bia Mesquita x Gabi Garcia

Three minutes from the end, Gabi  lead by 5 × 0, passed the guard, and secured her fourth title at absolute.

Complete Results:

BLACK – Adult – Male


FIRST Caio Terra – Brasa
SECOND Bruno da Silva Malfacine – Alliance
THIRD Ivaniel Cavalcante de Oliveira – CheckMat
THIRD Felipe P. da Costa e Silva – Brasa


FIRST Gabriel Afonso dos Santos Moraes – CheckMat
SECOND Ary de Melo Farias – Atos Jiu-Jitsu
THIRD Yukinori Sasa – Paraestra Tokyo
THIRD Daniel Beleza G. de Andrade – SAS Team USA


FIRST Augusto Lopes Mendes – Soul Fighters BJJ
SECOND Rafael Mendes Godoy – Atos Jiu-Jitsu
THIRD Mario Sergio Names Reis – Alliance
THIRD Rubens Charles Maciel – Alliance


FIRST Leandro Lo Pereira do Nascimento – PSLPB Cicero Costha
SECOND Michael Alexandre Langhi – Alliance
THIRD Rodrigo Benedito Caporal – Atos JJ International
THIRD Lucas Alves Lepri – Alliance


FIRST Otavio Ferreira de Sousa – Gracie Barra
SECOND Claudio Calasans Camargo Júnior – Atos Jiu-Jitsu
THIRD Victor de Oliveira Estima – Gracie Barra
THIRD Vitor Henrique Silva Oliveira – GF Team


FIRST Rômulo Claudio Barral – Gracie Barra
SECOND Braulio de Oliveira Estima – Gracie Barra
THIRD Gustavo Ramos Campos – Atos Jiu-Jitsu
THIRD Andre Luiz Leite Galvão – Atos Jiu-Jitsu


FIRST Rodolfo Vieira Srour – GF Team
SECOND Lucas Joas Gomes Leite – CheckMat USA
THIRD Nivaldo de Oliveira Lima – CheckMat
THIRD Alexandre Couceiro Ribeiro – Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu


FIRST Bernardo Augusto Rocha de Faria – Alliance
SECOND João Gabriel de Oliveira e S. Rocha – Soul Fighters BJJ
THIRD Luiz Fernando de Azevedo Panza – Barbosa Jiu Jitsu
THIRD Rafael Lovato Jr. – Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu


FIRST Marcus Vinícius Oliveira de Almeida – CheckMat
SECOND Rodrigo Henrique Cavaca – CheckMat
THIRD Abraham J. Marte Messina – Yamasaki Academy International
THIRD Alexander Riis Hilligsoe Trans – CheckMat International

Open Class

FIRST Marcus Vinícius Oliveira de Almeida – CheckMat
SECOND Rodolfo Vieira Srour – GF Team
THIRD Leonardo Gergis F. Leite – Alliance
THIRD Bernardo Augusto Rocha de Faria – Alliance

BLACK – Adult – Female


FIRST Gezary Matuda Kubis Bandeira – American Top Team
SECOND Nyjah Easton – Team Lloyd Irvin
THIRD Kanako Inaba – AOA Champion BJJ
THIRD Miriam Cardoso Cerqueira – Elite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Redmond


FIRST Marina Soares de Araujo Ribeiro – CheckMat
SECOND Luiza Monteiro Moura da Costa – PSLPB Cicero Costha
THIRD Mackenzie Lynne Dern – Gracie Humaita
THIRD Ana Carolina Merlo Vidal Lebre – Gracie Humaita


FIRST Beatriz de Oliveira Mesquita – Gracie Humaita
SECOND Fabiana Alves Borges – Gracie Barra
THIRD Nádia Maria Rodrigues de Melo – GF Team
THIRD Tracey Robin Goodell – Atos Jiu-Jitsu


FIRST Luanna Alzuguir Marton Moraes – Alliance
SECOND Vanessa Oliveira do Nascimento – GF Team
THIRD Ida Josefin Hansson – CheckMat
THIRD Shanti A. D. Abelha – CheckMat


FIRST Michelle Zonato Nicolini – CheckMat
SECOND Fernanda Mazzelli Almeida Maio – Striker JJ / Góes
THIRD Hannette Quadros Staack – Brazil 021 School of Jiu-Jitsu
THIRD Talita Andrea Nogueira – Gracie Elite Team


FIRST Andresa Correa – Alliance
SECOND Gabrielle Lemos Garcia – Alliance
THIRD Luzia Carmem Santana P. Fernandes – Gracie Barra
THIRD Maria do Carmo Paixão Teixeira – De La Riva JJ

Open Class

FIRST Gabrielle Lemos Garcia – Alliance
SECOND Beatriz de Oliveira Mesquita – Gracie Humaita
THIRD Luiza Monteiro Moura da Costa – PSLPB Cicero Costha
THIRD Luanna Alzuguir Marton Moraes –