BJJ Strength & Conditioning Secret: The JuggernautBJJ Program

BJJ Strength & Conditioning Secret: The JuggernautBJJ Program

Be honest with us. You love training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but, the matter of the fact is… You’re guilty. You’re guilty, because despite all those who’ve been telling you that being strong isn’t important in BJJ, you still want to go to the gym.
However, there are so many exercises, programs, and opinions out there that, even though you want to improve your strength and conditioning, you’re a bit confused and don’t know how to.

Well, this is the part where the drumroll starts and the curtains begin to move apart… As we let you know that the JuggernautBJJ app – your formula to becoming stronger and better conditioned for BJJ – is now live!



We see that look in your eyes. You’re wondering: “Geez, BJJEE – that sounds cool and all… But aren’t there like a billion BJJ workout programs out there? Why should I go with this app if I can just pick any other program that’s out there?”

Well, that’s precisely the point. You can choose any other workout program that’s out there. However, what makes the JuggernautBJJ app so special is that it creates a tailored-made workout program – a program just for you.

Yeah, just for you! By sharing your gender, age, size, lifting experience and BJJ training, the JuggernautBJJ app creates a personalized training program.
That way, no matter if you’re just 20 years old or someone who’s been competing in the Masters division for a while, you’ll have a training program that’s perfect for you.

Oh and by the way, did you know that the man behind the JuggernautBJJ app is Chad Wesley Smith – BJJ purple belt and the same person behind the famed Juggernaut Training Systems?

Since 2009, this platform has been providing coaches and athletes with principle-based coaching and education to help them reach their goals; and has trained over 45,000 lifters in the progress.
Coach Chad has also trained BJJ champions such as Romulo Barral and Otavio Sousa.



After you download and install the app, and after you type in those basic pieces of information about yourself, you’ll have an opportunity to choose between 5 primary goals of your training: strength, speed/power, endurance, tournament preparation, and the lifestyle program.

JuggernautBJJ pic1JuggernautBJJ pic2

From there, you’ll choose how many days per week you can dedicate to lifting.

JuggernautBJJ pic3

Upon making your choice, the app’s system will guide you on your way to progress – providing you with a workout program and adapting it along the way based on your feedback.
“My feedback?” Yes! The JuggernautBJJ app learns about you as an athlete and your needs through its Daily Readiness Questionnaire, Intra-Session Performance Ratings, and End of Session Check-Ins.

It’s just like having a personal coach in your pocket!



Let’s recap it. The JuggernautBJJ app features:

  • Individualized training volume, based on your gender, age, size, experience, and frequency of BJJ training
  • 2, 3, and 4 days/week program options that focus on:
    • Strength
    • Speed/Power
    • Endurance
    • Tournament Preparation
    • Lifestyle training
  • Programs that constantly adapt to your feedback
  • Database of 400+ exercises: their demonstrations and coaching cues
  • Community support


So what are you waiting for? Get ahead and start getting stronger with the JuggernautBJJ app via the following link: https://www.juggernautbjj.app/

(And pssst, just so you know: it comes with a 7-day trial!)