2014 Pan: Atos Best Team, Andre Galvao Double Gold

2014 Pan: Atos Best Team, Andre Galvao Double Gold



The 2014 Pan American double gold Champion is André Galvão . The Atos fighter won weight and absolute, on Sunday in Irvine, California and left the mats, showing a shirt that read: “Trust me, I’m a Jedi .

At ultra heavy, the leader of Atos beat the “Danish termainator” Alexander Trans, while in the absolute final, he overcame Leandro Lo .

Galvao, who decided to compete in a class way above his usual middle heavy, took a 5-1 advantage against Alexander Trans, who is the current absolute champion of Europe.

In the open category final, Galvão and Leandro Lo had a battle of the lighter weights. Proof that size doesn’t always matter The black belt of Atos spent much time working on passing his opponent’s open guard, who merely worked in defense without risking sweeps. With three minutes left, Galvão increased the pace and the monotony gave way to excitement. Galvao came very close to passing the guard (he reached the side, but did not stabilize the position) and gained the advantage that put him in the highest place of the podium. Leandro Lo, in return, did not go home empty-handed, since he had beaten Otavio Sousa (5-2, by advantages) minutes before, at middleweight.

In 2013, Galvao had lost the absolute final to Marcus Buchecha. However, he came back strong this time to snatch the gold medal in weight and open division.

In the super-heavy, Luiz Panza was a revelation. The athlete from Barbosa JJ, submitted Bernardo Faria with an armbar and much celebrated winning the Pan

The American phenom, Keenan Cornelius closed out the middle heavy category with his team mate Guto Campos.

The negative point of the Pan American were the many ‘close outs’. In the male finals,  5 of 9 weight classes revealed their champions without the fights happening.

In females, Bia Mesquita won the gold medal in the lightweight division at beating Fabiana Borges by choke. In the absolute, she beat Andresa Correa 6-1, by advantages.

Atos also won the top team prize (for the first time). Alliance came second and Team Lloyd Irvin came 3rd. With this team win, Atos becomes one of the big players.

Atos team broke Alliance’s string of victories in the Grand Slam tournaments. Team co-leader Andre Galvao won the weight and absolute:

” I am very happy what we planned worked out, we had an excellent camp and everyone contributed greatly, some of our athletes didn’t get the gold they normally win but in the end we made history!”

Atos team was founded in 2009 by Andre Galvao and Ramon Lemos.


Open Weight: Andre Galvao beat Leandro Lo by advantage.

Rooster: Joao Pedro Rodrigues beat Milton Bastos by one penalty

Lightfeather: Paulo Miyao got gold after close-out with João Miyao

Feather: Mario Reis got gold after close-out with Gianni Grippo

Light: Lucas Lepri got gold after close-out with Michael Langhi

Middle: Leandro Lo defeated Otavio Sousa 5-2 on advantages

Medium-heavy: Guto Campos got gold after a close-out with Keenan Cornelius

Heavy: Yuri Simões got gold after a close out with Lucas Leite

Super-Heavy: Luiz Panza caught Bernardo Faria with an armlock

Ultra-heavy: Andre Galvão beat Alex Trans 5-1 on advantages


Open weight: Beatriz Mesquita defeated Andresa Correa by 6-1 in advantages.

Heavy: Tammy Griego defeated Andresa Correa by 2-0 points.

Medium-heavy: Talita Treta Nogueira defeated Kay Stephenson by 4-0 points.

Middle: Luiza Monteiro defeated Megan Nevill by 24-0 in points.

Feather: Tammi Musumeci defeated Mackenzie Dern by referee decision.

Light-feather: Andrea Encarncacion defeated Nyjah Easton by 1 advantage in the last seconds of a 4-4 point sweep battle.

In the teams competition, the final results were:

Adult Male
1 – Atos Jiu-Jitsu – 96
2 – Alliance – 94
3 – Team Lloyd Irvin – 53

Adult Female
1 – Alliance – 63
2 – Gracie Humaita – 42
3 – Atos Jiu-Jitsu – 33

1 – Gracie Barra – 55
2 – Elite Mixed Martial Arts – 25
3 – Gracie Elite Team – 20

1 – Alliance – 196
2 – Gracie Barra – 192
3 – Gracie Elite Team – 186

1 – Gracie Barra – 58
2 – CheckMat – 31
3 – Carvalho Teixeira – 25

For the complete results, go to IBJJF.com