Winners of Each Weight Class at ADCC Slovenia Get an Invite to the ADCC Worlds 2013


When: September 8th 2012 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Where: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Leskovskova, Franc Rozman Stane, Ljubljana
Info: www.adcc-croatia.com

Weight classes
Male: -65.9kg, -76.9kg, -87.9kg, -98.9kg and +99kg
Female: -60kg and +60kg


Weigh in
Just before first fight.

Competition starts
September 8th 11.00 am

www.adcc-croatia.com/registration-fee/  deadline for registration 2th September!
Competition payment
50 €

The doors open half hour before competition.
Entrance is 10€

Every male weight classes’ winner gets official invitation to ADCC World 2013
Every weight classes’ three best fighters get medals.

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