Super 15- Sub Only, 15 Superfights, 15 mins – Fundraising for UK Elite BJJ Kids Squad

Super 15- Sub Only, 15 Superfights, 15 mins – Fundraising for UK Elite BJJ Kids Squad




SUPER 15 – Fight Card !

The show is a fundraising event for the UK Elite BJJ Kids Squad.

All profits go to the kids.

May 2nd
O2 Academy Bournemouth, UK.




sub 15

Remco Pardoel v Andy Costello
Black Belt Gi Ultra Heavy

Jack McGee v Jason Tan
Black Belt No Gi 82kg

Sergio Lourenco v Leo Queiroz
Black Belt Gi 85kg

Ross Nichols v Duane Van Helvoirt
Black Belt No Gi Lightweight

Jimmy Johnson v Neto Nunes
Black Belt Gi 88kg

Neil Simkin v Mark Tucker
Black Belt Gi 79kg

Valmyr Neto v Jordy Peute
Black Belt Gi 64kg

Micah Atkinson v Simon McGovern
Black Belt Gi 76kg

Bradley Hill v Cantidio Setenta Brown Belt Middle Gi

Viking Wong v Marcin Rozenbaum
Brown Belt Middle Heavy Gi

Ben Dyson v Mike Hawkins
Brown Belt 86kg No Gi

Sean McDonagh v Pawel Haranczynk
Brown Belt 82kg Gi

Trevor Chamberlain v Will Smith
Brown Belt Middle Gi

Jamie Hughes v Lawrence Griffiths
Brown Belt 94kg Gi

Muujig Altantugs v Joey Breslin
Purple Belt Gi Featherweight.

Laura Barker v Cristiana Theodoli
Blue Belt Gi Medium Heavy

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