Serbian BJJ Cup 2013, April 7th in Belgrade, Serbia

Serbian BJJ Cup 2013, April 7th in Belgrade, Serbia

Serbian Cup

One of the best & most prestigious BJJ competitions in the region: The Serbian BJJ Cup is on April 7, In Belgrade, Serbia!

Where & When: at Sportski Centar Sumice, one of the most prestigious arenas in Serbia. Ustanička 125, Belgrade, Serbia.

Prizes: Manto Gis offred by BJJSHOP.RS for winners of Absolute white, Absolute Blue, All weight classes at Elite, and Absolute elite!

Sportski Centar Sumice

Sportski Centar Sumice


* White belts
* Blue belts
* Elite: (purple,brown and black belts)

Women: all belts together

Weight classes (weight with kimono on)

* -70.0, -76.0, -82.3, -88.3, -94.3, -100.5, +100.5 (kg)
* Open class White, Open class Blue, Open class Elite

Women: -60 & +60 kgs (with Kimono On)

Weigh ins:

* Before his first fight, the competitor will check his weight with the GI on
* If the competitor does not make his weight, they will be immediately disqualified, without refund.

Online Registration:

For men: http://bjjserbia.rs/yield.php?page=tour-submit&lang=en

For women: http://bjjserbia.rs/yield.php?page=tour-submit-female&lang=en

Competition rules:

* Official IBJJF rules http://www.ibjjf.org/rules.htm
* White – official IBJJF rules for white belt
* Blue – official IBJJF rules for blue belt
* Elite – official IBJJF rules for brown/black belts

More info: http://www.facebook.com/events/564938133516715/570995516244310/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity

Last year’s competition: