Ju-Jitsu Ne Waza Competition in Hungary, 26/09/15

Ju-Jitsu Ne Waza Competition in Hungary, 26/09/15


The Hungarian Sport-Jitsu Federation is organizing a Ne Waza competition (ground fighting similar to BJJ), open to all martial arts.
Ne-Waza (ground technique) is one of the main Jujitsu (and Judo) basis. Its important technical heritage measures up to its big efficiency and its educational value. The fight of two opponents starts standing. Punches and Kicks are not allowed. After starting the fight the referee interrupt only in critical moments so normally the main part of the fight takes place on the ground. It is the goal to win by submission with a lock on the joints or strangulation. During the time of 6 minutes it is possible to gain points for throws, take down, controlling positions and actions giving you an advantage in the fight.

The Ne-Waza Ju-Jitsu is extremely tactical and sometimes described as the chess game of martial arts.

Date of competition: 26 September 2015, 10 a.m.
Venue: Kistelek City Sports Centre (5 Kossuth Street, H-6760 Kistelek)
Organizers: Hungarian Sport-Jitsu Federation, 3K (Kistelek Sub-region Combat Sport)
Application deadline: 21 September 2015, Monday midnight. Application to another
division and the correction of defective applications are possible until 23 September
midnight, but the first application cannot be submitted in this period of time (21-23).
Way of the application: only in advance, electronically on the following link:

The entry fee can be paid only in advance by transfer to the following official K&H
Bank, ACCOUNT NAME: Kistelek Kistérségi Küzdősport Egyesület, IBAN ACCOUNT
NUMBER: HU88 10402173-50526655-53831000, SWIFT CODE: OKHBHUHB

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