Croatian BJJ league, first round, results and review

David Vojinovic (Blue gi) in action

The new Croatian BJJ league started today in Zagreb. On the first league tournament, which was open to competitors from other countries, hundreds of contestants competed in the categories of white, blue, purple and brown belt.

In the category of white belts up to 65 kg  first place was Srdjan Kuzmanović, second place Jan Flis, while third place was shared between Domagoj Čenan and Hrvoje Cicvarić.

From white belt to 74 kg first place David Zovko, second place Ivan Perisic, and Luke Škugor and Ivan Micic shared third place.

In the category of white belt up to 83 kg first place Philip Ištoković, second was Marko Jovanovic and third place was shared by Rade Kosanovic and Anze Agart.

In the category of white belts up to 92 kg first place was Denny Vukovic, second place Filip Slatina and third place were Igor Babic who shared his place with Antonio Petric.

The highest category for white belts, 92 + kg, the first place went to Mersim Julević,  second place Ivan Dodić, and third place in the division were Marko Martinec and Marko Toric.

Among the blue belts in the 74 kg category, the first place was Ante Palac , second place Petar Marijanovic, and a third were Jernej Janežoč and Davor Radojevic.

Blue belts 83 kg category first place was Uros Jurisic , second place Mario Butorac ,and third place was shared by Jurica Zanic and Bojan Rendulic.

Blue belts up to 92 kg first place David Vojnovic, second Vedran Orkić,and third place was shared by Miro Erkapić and Edi Plava.

Blue belt category over 92 kg first place Asa Nadarević, second place Vlado Pilipovic, third place shared Sasa Milinkovic and Thomas Roščić.

Purple belt fought only in two categories – up to 92 kg and over 92 kg.
-92 kgs, first place was Djordje Kesic from the club UFK Rupa, second place was Goran Kanizaj, and third place was shared by Velimir Rasic and Kristian Paskojević, all three of Alliance Black Dragon – Subos.
 In over 92 kg First place Goran Vidakovic, Second place Damir Vidakovic, and third place Ivica Tadijanov, (all three of the club Leo Neves Osijek), the other third place was Tin Hasanafedić from the club Alliance Black Dragon – Subos.

The most prestigious category, Brown Belt Absolute, first place Matko Kvesic, second place Zvonimir Ucović, Both from  Alliance Black Dragon – Subos. Third place was shared by Damir Šalina from JJK Zadar, and Nikola Moraca from Leo Neves Osijek.

The organizers are extremely pleased with the turnout, and we believe that the next round of league tournament, which will be held 26th of May 2012, will be even more intense.


Some pictures from the event:

Asa Nadarevic (Blue Gi)
Uros Jurisic (Black Gi)
Damir Saline vs Matko Kvesic