BJJ vs Luta Livre to Headline French Grappling Invitational

BJJ vs Luta Livre to Headline French Grappling Invitational


The city of Bordeaux in France will host a major grappling invitational on May 21, 2016: Bordeaux Submission Contest- Renaissance.

Impacts Aquitaine has the honor to present the first Grappling invitational in the region, in agreement with the French Grappling Committee and under the French Federation of Wrestling.

There will be an of 8 man -77kg tournament in Nogi. The list of competitors will be announced soon with prize money of € 500 for the winner.

The Superfights will all be submission only, if in the time allotted no fighters submits another, there will be a decision to determine the fighter most active.
Although the event will be mostly Nogi matches, there will be 3 great matches in the Gi (kimono).

A dozen BJJ and Luta Livre black belts will do battle on the mat.

The main event will feature Eduardo Teta Rios , 3rd degree bjj black belt under Ricardo Liborio, who will have the opportunity to face the dangerous Luta Livre black belt Thomas Loubersanes .
Teta is the Head coach at Frontline Academy in Oslo, Norway , which has been elected as one of the best European BJJ academies. Teta is an ADCC veteran and European champion, the Brazilian Norwegian disembark in Bordeaux on May 21, 2016 .




The rest of the card:

Thomas Loubersanes (Strong People) vs Eduardo Teta Rios (Frontline Academy) 83kg
Samuel Monin (Gracie Barra) vs Guillaume Duranton (Boa Onta) 92kg GI

Bordeaux vs Paris:

Emmanuel Fernandez (Pythagore) vs Johnny Frachey (Asgard/FS LL) 66kg
Ismael Padavia (Werdum) vs Ali Korkmaz (Urban Team)70kg
Julien Da Silva (Pythagore) vs Max Courtois (CL 92) 88kg
Farid Chaddi (Impacts/Strong People) vs Mathias Jardin (GF Team) 67kg
Joao Ferraz (Checkmat) vs Marc Akapovi (Akamat) 76kg GI

Anthony de Oliveira (Werdum) vs Baptiste Landais (UFT) 64kg GI
Samuel Petite (District) vs Damien Charles-Aristide (X-Road/Strong People) 73kg
Ludovic Parreira (GP Sport/Strong People) vs Bertrand Metaut (NRFight) 73kg
Alex Lekke (Impacts/ Strong People) vs Clement Lancelot (UFT) 77kg

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