BJJ Tournament in a Salt Mine: 3rd Underground Polish Cup 20.09.14

BJJ Tournament in a Salt Mine: 3rd Underground Polish Cup 20.09.14

“The Third Underground Polish Cup “


Bocheńskie Stowarzyszenie Sztuk i Sportów Walki “Grappling Bochnia”

The Bochnia County
Bochnia Municipality

Honorary patronage:
Marshal of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship – Marek Sowa
Bochnia County Governor – JacekPająk
Mayor of Bochnia – Stefan Kolawiński
CEO of the Bochnia Salt Mine – Krzysztof Zięba

Bochnia Salt Mine
ul. Campi 15
The Ważyn Chamber (248 metres underground)




Internet streaming:

Sign up:
THE REGISTRATION PANEL is here: www.zawody.grappling.pl . It will be closed on 14/09/2014 at 24:00 (Sunday). We would like to remind you that the registration can only be made by team leaders via the application panel. After that date, the applications will not be accepted. Please make payments in such a way as to bank transfer is credited no later than 16/09/2014 (Tuesday). As a precaution, take a proof of payment with you, please. There can be a group one but the names of contestants have to be entered into a title of the payment. (If there is no space for all players in the blank, just enter the name of the club and the number of participants and send us an e-mail with the names of all contestants. Our e-mail is: jarobjj@interia.eu).

If the players from the other similar disciplines (ie Judo, Sambo etc.) want to participate in the competition, they can register in accordance with the following rules: black and brown belts have to report to at least BJJ purple belts (it may turn out to be elite), white belts go to BJJ white belts and all the other coloured belts go to BJJ blue belts.

The entry fee for competitors is 75 PLN (payment to the bank account) while for accompanying persons and other viewers is just 35 PLN (payment at the counter before going underground). Please pay a fee to the following account:
Bocheńskie Stowarzyszenie Sztuk i Sportów Walki
Bank account number: 49 8591 0007 0080 0203 6025 0001

Weight categories:

*white: -53,5/-58,5/-64/-69/+69kg
*coloured: -53,5/-58,5/-64/-69/+69kg

*all belts: -58,5/-64/-69/-74/-79,3/-84,3/+84,3kg

*white: -64 /-70 /-76 /-82,3 /-88,3 /-94,3 /-100,5 /+100,5kg
*blue: -64 /-70 /-76 /-82,3 /-88,3 /-94,3 /-100,5 /+100,5kg
*purple: -64 /-70 /-76 /-82,3 /-88,3 /-94,3 /-100,5 /+100,5kg
*elite: -70 /-76 /-82,3 /-88,3 /-94,3/+94,3kg

Verification will be before the first fight, but if you get the opportunity, you will be able to verify earlier with the agreement of the judges at the verification table. The weighting will be in kimonos (GI). In order to verify you have to bring your ID card or the other document proving identity. Moreover, you have to show a valid written medical statement issued by a doctor of sports medicine, accident insurance, and in the case of minors, consent of the parent or legal guardian. The judges have the right to request a proof of payment in the event of ambiguity.The organizer reserves the right to connect weight categories.
Before the start of the competition there will be able to perform the medical examination with a doctor of sport medicine in the 7:30-9:30 in a special room separated from the waiting room of the Campi shaft. The cost of testing is 30 PLN.

8:00-9:30 going underground
9:30 – opening ceremony
9:45 – clarification of the rules
10:00 – start of the competition
The Ceremony will be held twice: the first during the event and the second at the end.

People with circulatory and physical problems should not go underground.People under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will not be allowed to take part in the competition and the costs will not be returned to them. Moreover, you are not allowed to use open fire in the mine but for the purposes of our event there should be created a properly secured point for smokers underground.

Please do not come at the last moment because the capacity of the mining shaft is limited. On the surface only the competitors with confirmed bank transfer will be allowed to going down. The others will be able to buy tickets on the spot (fans, accompanying person). Going down in the lift and arriving at the destination may take 10-20 minutes. We would like to inform you that a queue may appear before riding the elevator down. After 9:30 it will be possible to go down/up in the lift only on the hours (ie 10:00, 11:00 and so on). The organizer reserves the right to make minor organizing adjustments preceded the information on the website: https://www.facebook.com/podziemnypucharpolski
The organizer is not responsible for random incidents, and lostor damaged goods and damages appeared otherwise. Every participant of the competition agrees to use of their likeness for promotional purposes (ie posters, leaflets etc.). The competitors maybe obligedto sign aconsentin that case at the verification table. There will be prepared the underground catering for all participants.

szpalery@gmail.com – organizational and marketing issues