Belgrade BJJ Open, March 19, Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade BJJ Open, March 19, Belgrade, Serbia


“BELGRADE OPEN JIU JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP 2016” is regional competition organized by Lutador Team

Date: 19.03.2016.

Adress: SC “Šumice”, Belgrade, Ustanička 125/A.


Registration fee:

30€ (Payments on competition day from 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM – Payment only in Euros)

*White: 5 min
*Blue: 6 min
*Purple: 7min
*Brown/Black: 8 min
*Women White: 5 min
*Women Blue i purple: 6min


* White belts: -64.0, -70.0, -76.0, -82.3, -88.3, -94.3, -100.5, +100.5 (kg) + Open class White
* Blue belts: -64.0, -70.0, -76.0, -82.3, -88.3, -94.3, -100.5, +100.5 (kg) + Open class Blue
*Purple belts: -77.0 -86.0 -95.0 +95(kg) + Open class Purple
* Brown and black belts: -77.0 -86.0 -95.0 +95(kg) + Open class Brown/Black
* Women division White: -60.0 +60.0 (kg) + Open class Women White
* Women division Blue and Purple: -60.0 +60.0 (kg) + Open class Women Blue

Weigh ins

* Before his first fight, the competitor will check his weight with the GI on
* If the competitor does not make his weight, they will be immediately disqualified, without refund
Competition rules:

* Official IBJJF rules http://www.ibjjf.org/rules.htm
* White: 5min – official IBJJF rules for white belt
* Blue: 6 min – official IBJJF rules for blue belt
* Purple: 7min – official IBJJF rules for purple belt
* Brown/Black: 8 min – official IBJJF rules for brown/black belts
*Women White: 5 min – official IBJJF rules for white belt
*Women Blue&Purple: 6min – official IBJJF rules for blue belt

Registration on: www.belgradeopenbjj.com
deadline for registration march, 14th, 2016 (23:59).


Register Here .


Brown belt Absolute match from 2015 between Ultra heavyweight Momir Cucuz from Serbia and lightweight Dau Adaev from Russia:


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