ADCC European Qualifiers in Slovenia, Quick Report

Ljubljana, Slovenia on Saturday successfully hosted the ADCC European Championships. The winners of each weight class would get a all expense paid trip and qualify for the ADCC World Championships which are held every two years and will be next year in Brazil. Grappling fans enjoyed world-class performances from fighters from all over Europe.
The well run tournament was organized by ADCC and Neven Polajnar Lekocevic from Slovenia. “I think we justified the expectations of those who have entrusted us with the organization,” Polajnar was pleased to say.

Miha Perhavec of Slovenia (right) finished fourth.

The list of competitors is here: http://www.adcombat.com/adcc-european-championship-2012-competitors
There were top World class competitors present such as Denmark’s Alexander Trans, Portugal/Brazil’s Jorge Britto and Norway/Brazil’s Eduardo Teta Rios.
Miha Perhavec of Slovenia finished fourth place in the 77 kilos weight class (narrowly losing 4-2  to Jorge Britto, BJJ black belt) which is a huge achievenent for this 20 year old competitor and together with his team-mate Simona Vomberger both of Alliance Red Eagle Slovenia were the highest ranked competitors from all the Ex-Yugoslavian countries.

Photo: ADCC European champion!!! I have to say it feels very good!!! Its for my family and for my friends!! @pedrolott  te falei parceiro, missão dada é missão cumprida!! #frontlinebjj  http://instagr.am/p/PUNTK3iUSK/
Eduardo Teta Rios

The results showed what a lot of people know already: The best level of BJJ and Grappling in Europe is at the moment in Scandinavia and Poland.

In the up to 66 kilograms category Timo Juhani Hirvinkangas (Finland) came first, in the up to 77 kilograms category Tero Pylampi (Finland), in the up to 88 kilograms category Eduardo Rios (Brazil/Norway), in the  up to 99 kilograms categoryand Tomasz Narkun (Poland) in the over 99 kilograms category Alexander Trans (Denmark). The best team was Hilti BJJ Finland.

Ljubljana Slovenia

Category -66
1.       Timo Juhani Hirvikangas – Hilti BJJ
2.       Veselin Dukov – Bulgaria
3.       Alen Špirk  – Maximus Prelog
4.       Dino Šprajcer – Alliance Croatia

Category -77
1.       Tero Pyylampi – Hilti BJJ
2.       Kamil Milosek – Poland PW Dragon
3.       Jorge Britto – Portugal GB
4.       Miha Perhavec – Alliance Red Eagle Slovenia

Category -88
1.       Eduardo Rios – Frontline Norway
2.       Lukazs Michael  – Drysdale Poland
3.       Zbighiew Tyszka  – Drysdale Poland
4.       Oskar Pichota  – Drysdale Poland

Category -99
1.       Tomazs Narkun – Poland Bresrekers
2.       Kamil Uminski – Poland Alliance
3.       Janne Pekka Pietilainen – Hilti BJJ
4.       Michael Knutsson – Sweden gladius MMA

Category +99
1.       Alexander Trans – Checkmat Denmark
2.       Michael Wysocki – Drysdale Poland
3.       Andrej Radomski – Poland PW Dragon
4.       Bence Gyorgy – Hungary GB

Female Openweight
1.       Maria Malyjasik – Drysdale Poland
2.       Emmi Bolander – Hilti BJJ
3.       Katja Kankaanpaa – MMA Seijäjoki
4.       Simona Vomberger – Alliance Red eagle Slovenia

Best team:   Hilti BJJ Finland