2014 Pan Preview & Predictions

2014 Pan Preview & Predictions



The 2014 Pan takes place at the UCI’s Bren Events Center, in Irvine, California, from March 12 – 16.

The IBJJF has released the official schedule and brackets for the Pan 2014,.

Click here for the official brackets and order of fights.

Click here for the schedule.

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Who to look out for

Black belt


This year Bruno Malfacine is not here and Caio Terra is competing at Ultra Heavy! This gives a chance for Fabio Passos, Koji Shibamoto, Milton Bastos


Paulo and João Miyao are competing for the first time in the Pan as black belt. Rafael ‘Barata’ Freitas stands in their way but how can you belt against them especially with Guilherme preparing for Metamoris and bypassing the Pan.


Stacked division with Mario Reis, Osvaldo Moizinho, Gianni Grippo, Isaque Paiva, Samir Chantre and Justin Rader. 


Even more stacked division with Alliance superstars Lucas Lepri and Michael Langhi being the favorites. They will tough competition from Rodrigo JT Torres, Freitas, AJ Agazarm, Philipe Della Monicam Nathan Mendelsohn.


2013 Pan champion Clark Gracie, Leandro Lo, Otavio Sousa, Vitor Oliveira, Marcelo Lapela, Victor Estima. This is a very exciting divion!


Since Andre Galvao has decided to compete as Ultra Heavy, Atos BJJ has 2 super favorites in this division: Guto Campos and Keenan Cornelius. Other very dangerous athletes are Murilo Santana, Renato Cardoso, Felipe Pena and DJ Jackson. It will interesting to see a possible DJ Jackson vs Keenan Cornelius ultimate grudge match (they are ex team mates) or Felipe Pena vs Keenan Cornelius match up (both won it all at lower belts).


 Lucas Leite, Alexandro Ceconi, Yuri Simoes, Jackson Souza, Rafael Lovato Jr and Roberto Tussa make up this division. No Rodolfo Vieira.


Bernardo Faria is back from keen surgery. He will face competition fromJames Puopolo, Luiz Panza amd Guybson Sá.


 Crazy thing is that Caio Terra will compete with monsters that are twice his weight such as Alexander Trans and Abraham Marte.  He will not  be alone, as Andre Galvao has also decided to compete as Ultra Heavy.

This will be exciting!


Watch out for Mackenzie Dern, Penny Thomas, Bia Mesquita, Andressa Correa, Luiza Monteiro, Talita Nogueira, and Tammy Griego.