Croatian Open BJJ Championship, Zagreb, Croatia 3.5.2014

Croatian Open BJJ Championship, Zagreb, Croatia 3.5.2014



The 8th Croatian Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship held in Zagreb, Croatia on May 3rd 2014 is thinking really big this year:

6 mat areas, lots of cool prizes (Scramble & Ground Game Fightwear Gis and Rashguards) & lots of tough competitors from the region! Register now for one of the biggest BJJ competitions in Europe:





Championship date

Saturday, 03/05/2014

• Location

Dom odbojke ”Bojan Stranić”/ Sport park Mladost/Jarunska cesta 5/Zagreb/Croatia

• Registration fee

From 03/03/2014 to 30/03/2014: Teen/Juvenile: 95,00 HRK (12,50€)

Adults/Masters: 190,00 HRK (25,00€)

From 31/03/2014 to 27/04/2014: Teen/Juvenile: 114,00 HRK (15,00€)

Adults/Masters: 228,00 HRK (30,00€)

Note: No registration fee for black belts competitiors!

• Registration deadline

27/04/2014 23:59

• Athlete correction deadline

28/04/2014 23:59

• Team correction by professor

29/04/2014 23:59

• Schedule release date


• Brackets release date


More information and registration on http://www.crojj.org/


BJJ Croatia Open 2011 – Matko Kvesić vs. Goran Reljić in the finals of the Advanced Absolute.

Zvonimir Ucovic in action at Croatian Open:

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