2013 IBJJF European Open Championship Preview & Predictions

2013 IBJJF European Open Championship Preview & Predictions


From the 24th to the 27th of January at the Casal Vistoso municipal sports complex, in Lisbon, Portugal, the Europeans will kick off the 2013 Ibjjf season. Watch out for Fernando Terere to make his comeback to big competitions. 

Schedule: http://www.ibjjf.org/euro2013schedule.htm
Athlete list: https://www.ibjjfdb.com/CampeonatoInscricao/PorCategoriaETimePdf?CampeonatoId=154
Brackets: http://www.usbjjf.org/bracket_viewer/Bracket.html

*** Black Adult Masculino – Galo / Rooster-weight / under 58,3kg ***

Reigning Champion: Koji Shibamoto (2012)
Contenders: Brandon Mullins, Koji Shibamoto, Levy Jackson, Jordy Peute, Takahito Yoshioka
What might happen: Levy Jackson was champion at the Gi worlds in 2011 at this belt and division; he also came second in 2010. He should meet Last year’s champion Koji Shibamoto. Jackson should meet Brandon “Wolverine” Mullins in the finals, with Mullins pulling out the win. Look out for Holland’s Jordy Peute to pick up some medals.

*** Pluma / Light Featherweight / under 64,3kg ***

Reigning Champion: Carlos Vieira Holanda (2012)
Contenders: Laercio Fernandes, Carlos Holanda
What might happen: The bracket is missing big names such as Gui Mendes, Bruno Malfacine, Samir Chantre. Watch for Laercio Fernandes to meet Carlos Holanda in the final, and Laercio to take the gold.

*** Pena / Featherweight / under 70,3 kg ***

Reigning Champion: Bruno Frazatto (2012)
Contenders: Rubens Cobrinha, Augusto Tanquinho, Isaque Paiva, Eduardo Ramos, Gabriel Marangoni, Osvaldo Moizinho, Daisuke Nakamura.
What might happen: Looking forward to see a Cobrinha vs Tanquinho Final. Should be explosive but Cobrinha should take this bit a small margin. Ed Ramos and Daisuke Nakamura will surely be in contention for medals.

*** Leve / Lightweight / under 76,3kg ***

Reigning Champion: Roberto Satoshi Souza (2012)
Contenders: Michael Langhi, Vinícius Marinho, Oliver Geddes, Gabriel Goulart
What might happen: For the first time ever you will see 3 brothers competing in a same bracket! France’s Olivier brothers (Thibaut, Rodolphe and Maxime) will all be aiming for the Gold. The 2 favorites are Michael Langhi , and Gabriel Goulart. However look out for UK’s Oliver Geddes who is coming back from a successful US tour of competions. How can you bet against Michael Langhi taking the gold especially with Leandro Lo, JT Torres and Roberto Satoshi not present.

*** Medio / Middleweight / under 82,3kg ***

Reigning Champion:Victor Estima (2012)
Contenders: Fernando Tererê, DJ Jackson, Claudio Calasans, Alan Finfou, Mathias Ribeiro, Jake Mackenzie, Maiky Reiter
What might happen: Last year’s champion is not here but this is probably the most stacked bracket. The big question is what will the return of Fernando Terere bring? He has shown great form in his last tournaments against lower level opponents. If he beats Alan Finfou (who was issued from Terere’s social program in Rio), he should face the winner of JD Jackson vs Claudio Calasans! I see Calasans taking this with Terere taking Silver.

*** Meio-Pesado / Middle-Heavyweight / under 88,3kg ***

Reigning Champion: Rodrigo Fajardo (2012)
Contenders: Romulo Barral, Renato Cardoso, Vitor Toledo, Rodrigo Fajardo, Maximiliano Carvalho
What might happen: This bracket is also stacked. Expect to see Romulo Barral meet Checkmat prodigy Renato Cardoso in the semis. in the other side, the semis should be last year’s winner Rodrigo Farjado vs Atos’s Vitor Toledo. Rominho Barral should prove too experienced to the very promising Cardoso. Look for Romulo Barral to take gold beating Vitor Toledo.

*** Pesado / Heavyweight / under 94,3kg ***

Reigning Champion: Rodolfo Vieira (2012)
Contenders: Gabriel Kitober, Dimitrius Souza, Fabiano Leite, Helvecio Penna, Leonardo Maciel, Felipe Rocha.
What might happen: The big names like Rodolfo Vieira, Rafael Lovato Jr,Yuri Simoes, Xande Ribeiro, Gustavo Pires, Roberto “Tussa’ Alencar are missing. The legend that is Helvecio Penna (De La Riva) is present this year again. He is close to 50 years old and always fights in adult division giving tough fights to biggest names. His strength and heart are amazing. Gabriel Kitober should take the gold beating Dimitrius Souza in the final.

*** Super-Pesado / Super-Heavyweight / under 100,3 kg ***

Reigning Champion: Bernardo Faria (2012)
Contenders: Bernardo Faria, Lucio Lagarto
What might happen: This has a remake of the 2012 final between Luico Lagarto and Bernardo Faria written all over it. look for Faria to beat Lagarto in a very close fight.

*** Pesadissimo / Ultra-Heavyweight / over 100,3kg ***

Reigning Champion: Alexander Trans (2012)
Contenders: Leonardo Nogueira, Rodrigo Cavaca, Igor Silva, Alexander Trans, Bruno Matias, José Ferreira
What might happen: Last year Alexander Trans took the gold in his first year at black belt. This year he should have a harder bracket. Expect to see a semi final between the very aggressive Jose Jr against Rodrigo Cavaca and  between Trans and Leo Nogueira. I have a good feeling about Trans being able to beat the tough Croatian Vedran Ikic, and then going past Leo Nogueira and beating Cavaca in the finals. This should be Alexander Trans’s gold once again, especially since he will be fighting on his home turf in Europe.

*** Absolute ***
Reigning Champion (2012) Rodolfo Vieira (GF Team)
Contenders: Leo Nogueira, Bernardo Faria, Romulo Barral, Alexander Trans, Lucio Lagarto.

What might happen: Rodolfo Vieira, the reigning Pans Absolute champ (and indeed reigning Mundials and World Pro Gi double champion too) is absent and the absolute title is up for grabs. Faria may fancy his chances of another double gold, There also will be no Buchecha, Xande, or Galvao but the other favorite would have to be Leo Nogueira. I still see Bernardo Faria beating Leo Nogueira in the Final and taking double gold.

Females to watch out for: Michelle Nicolini, Luanna Alzuguir, Mackenzie Dern, Nyjah Easton, Marina Ribeiro, Angélica Vieira, Carol de Lazzer, Polyana Lago, Shanti Abelha

Brown belts to watch out for: Keenan Cornelius, João e Paulo Miyao, Victor Genovesi, Rodrigo Aquiles, Gianni Grippo, Jackson Souza, Faisal Fahad, Jordon Schultz, Luca Anacoreta, Ilke Bult, Darragh O Conail, Luke Costello.