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BJJ Eastern Europe Techniques: Go for a choke or take the back from side control

Mateja Valjarevic from Zerjal team in Belgrade, Serbia, shows us some good transitions from side control. OSSS!

BJJ Eastern Europe techniques: “The Filipino Headcutter” a very unusual but effective submission

I learned this choke from John Baylon (BJJ black belt and 6th degree black belt in Judo and 2x Olympian). The technique is pretty unusual in BJJ and is very powerful and effective as you are using...

Having a hard time passing the knee shield? Try this option!

Are you very often stuck in your opponent’s half guard? Watch Zerjal Team Serbia brown belt, Mateja Valjarevic show us a good way to pass the knee shield.

BJJ Eastern Europe techniques: “The Serbian Foot lock”

We are going to be featuring regular techniques from various BJJ practitioners from the region. Here is the first one: “The Serbian foot lock”. I’m demonstrating the move that my...

Exclusive interview with Braulio Estima: “Polish BJJ is top 3 in Europe”

Great video interview of World BJJ and ADCC champion Braulio Estima made by my friends at http://www.grapplerinfo.pl/ Braulio was recently in Poland at Copacabana Academy in Warsaw where he conducted...

Estonian BJJ black belt Martin Aedma takes gold at Abu Dhabi World Pro Jiu Jitsu Cup Trials in Helsinki, Finland

This weekend, Estonia’s Martin Aedma competed in the -83 kg black/brown division of Abu Dhabi World Pro Cup Jiu Jitsu Trials held in Helsinki, Finland.Martin fought 2 matches and took home the...

Moscow BJJ seminar 2012 w/ Christian Graugart

Anybody ever dream of training BJJ in Russia? Danish BJJ brown belt, Christian Graugart  aka The BJJ Globetrotter (he travelled all around the world in 2011 for a 6 months period, training BJJ in...

Polish BJJ beast Maciej Polok in great fight against Nicolas Renier of France

Ok guys this is a sick fight between two of the very best in Europe: Polish bjj black belt Maciej Polok (Gracie Barra Poland) vs Luta Livre black belt, Nicolas Renier of France (3 time ADCC veteran,...

European Open 2012 Highlights

Great Highlight showing the drama from the competition: