Yuri Simoes “Can’t Wait” For The ADCC 2024 Superfight Against Gordon Ryan

Yuri Simoes “Can’t Wait” For The ADCC 2024 Superfight Against Gordon Ryan

Yuri Simoes and Gordon Ryan are fired up to face off against each other at the ADCC 2024 superfight!

And, well, Simoes is especially looking forward to it.
The thought of his first two losses follows him around a lot:

My first two matches with Gordon Ryan didn’t go well. I got submitted in both of them.

When you’re a competitive person and you lose, especially like that, you start searching for the reasons why.
I don’t like making excuses but thoughts went through my head that it was because of having a knee injury.

My knee was bad at that time and I eventually needed a significant surgery.
But I knew that the truth was I had to be better to beat him and my focus was on doing whatever it takes to beat him.

I watched the first two matches over and over again. My professor watched them too.

He told me the same thing I was thinking, although my knee was bad Gordon was just better than me in those matches.
I talked a lot about it with my Professor and I was confident that while he beat me in those two matches, he wasn’t better than me.

Simoes feels like he’s gotten closer to beating Gordon in every subsequent match. And he’s prepared to “seal the deal” in 2024:

I feel like most people duck Gordon. I’m looking forward to it.
I know he’s not the same grappler I faced before, but I’m not the same either. I’m a better version of that guy. To be the best, you have to beat the best.

Rest assured, I’m coming and I can not wait for ADCC 2024!


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