Xande Ribeiro Moves Back To Brazil After 10 Years In The US



We had anounced it a few weeks ago from information coming from our sources, but now it’s official. Xande Ribeiro is moving back to Brazil:

From Xande’s Facebook:

It s with great pleasure and excitement that I am here to comunicate that I have moved back to Brazil. I will be working in the next years in the expansion of Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu in Brazil .

It has been over 10 years of America and now is time to use all the experience that I gather with my brother and utilize it with great effort to expand and estabilish the best Jiu Jitsu system and team . I am no longer teaching in US but I am still be visiting and competing periodicaly. Besides leading a great Association I ll becompeting and teaching seminars to the open public. Thnak you all my students and friends in US for all these years of blood sweat and tears. Now is a new phase and 2014 will be full of adventures. Oss