WPJJC UK Trials, Jackson Sousa Takes Double Gold, Full Results

WPJJC UK Trials, Jackson Sousa Takes Double Gold, Full Results


The UK WPJJC trials was the last chance for European BJJ athletes to qualify for April’s Worl Pro in Abu Dhabi.

While the trials were going on in the UK, Another trial was held in southern Brazil, on 15th February. The big champion of the the day was Jackson Sousa, from Checkmat, who won double gold: in weight class and absolute.

Jackson Souza. Photo: BJJ 24/7

Jackson Souza. Photo: BJJ 24/7

Another champion in the UK was Victor Estima, who won gold at middleweight. See the results below for the black belt. And to check out all the lucky people who are going to Abu Dhabi, all expenses paid, click here .

Black Belt Male to 64kg

1st Raphael Dos Santos

2nd Andrea Verdemare

Black Belt Male to 94kg

1st Jackson Dos Santos Sousa

2 ° Francisco Ramos Mendes

3rd Osvaldo Luiz Ribeiro

Black Belt Male up to 100kg

1st Luke Costello

2nd Chris Bowe

3rd Norbert Nowak

Black Belt Male to 82kg

1st Victor Estima

2nd Gareth Neale

3rd Pedro Bessa

Black Belt Male 70kg

1st Carlos Eduardo Almeida

2nd Maxmillianco Campos

3rd Luiz Tosta

Black Belt Male to 76kg

1st Leon Amancio

2nd Rodolfo Campani Nygaard

3rd Jorge Santos

Male black belt above 100kg

1st Antonio Junior

2nd Thiago Borges

Black Belt Male to 88kg

1st Felipe Dias

2nd Christian Rodrigues

3rd Vinicius De Castro

Black/brown Absolute Female

1st Janni Larssonn

2 ° Vanessa English

Male Black Belt Absolute

1st Jackson Sousa

2nd Pedro Bessa

3rd Max Campos