WNO: Felipe Pena Defeats Nicky Rodriguez by Judge’s Decision

WNO: Felipe Pena Defeats Nicky Rodriguez by Judge’s Decision

The most recent Who’s Number One (WNO) event was a super exciting one, with heaps of excellent matches – headlined by a heavyweight bout between Felipe Pena and Nicky Rodriguez.

Rodriguez stepped in for Gordon Ryan, as Ryan withdrew from competition due to illness. Nevertheless, Rodriguez appeared to be in spectacular form; working on Body Lock passing for most of the match.
However, Pena was successful in countering Rodriguez’s pressure; as he almost hit several sweeps and almost took his back.

Then, in the closing minutes of the match, Rodriguez went for a Leg Lock. But Pena escaped and almost took the back again.
In the end and after the full 30 minutes of action, Pena earned the decision victory.

John Danaher summarized it best:

It was a titanic bout that was so evenly matched that neither could complete an attack.

Mr Rodriguez got very close with two guard passes and two nice leg lock attempts. Mr Peña got close with two attempts to take the back, one of which was very close.

It was was a very difficult match to score but the judges favored Mr Pena.

Either way, it was a great match and both athletes did very well to press their attacks against such tough opposition.


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