Winner Of ADCC Brazilian Trials, Joao Gabriel: “My Dream Is To Be ADCC & World BJJ Champion.”


Photo: Graciemag

After the first half the year focusing on gi tournaments, João Gabriel will start his preparation for ADCC , which will be held on October 19 in Beijing, China. This will be the first time that the black belt will participate in the most prestigious grappling event in the world.

“The workouts have started, but not yet at a strong pace. This week the preparation will be more intense and physical part is already specific for No Gi Jiu-Jitsu, “said the black belt, in an interview with tatame (in Portuguese).

The athlete of Soul Fighters, who had to be champion of ADCC Rio Trials to enter the biggest event of the Grappling World, is eager to compete with the best and undaunted: he wants the highest place of the podium.

“Expectations are the highest possible. I know there are going to be the toughest guys there, but if I want to be champion, I have to go through them. It is my dream to fight ADCC and I’ve achieved that, now I’m going after another dream, which is to be champion, “he said.

With just six months as a Black Belt, Joao Gabriel has achieved significant results already, with the Brasileiros and second place at the Worlds, when he was beaten by Bernardo Faria. This decision has not come out of the head of the young fighter, who keeps the dream of reaching the gold medal.

” I have to improve my whole game if you really want to be the champion. I knew that it would not be easy, I only fought the best. I did great things in lower belts, but this all is past, I want to be champion in black belt and I really long to realize that dream, “he said.