[WATCH] Streamer Begs For Forgiveness After Insulting Nate Diaz

[WATCH] Streamer Begs For Forgiveness After Insulting Nate Diaz

If you mess around too much, especially with Nate Diaz…
You might find yourself in a tough spot.

Teenage streamer N3on experienced this firsthand on Wednesday, at the final press conference before Nate Diaz’s boxing match against Jorge Masvidal.

N3on attended the event and decided to stir the pot by asking Diaz a provocative question:

When you do get knocked out, are you going to retire?

And, well, this question did not sit well with Diaz.
He was immediately fired up and went off on the 19-year-old, threatening to kick his leg.

Shortly after that, footage emerged of N3on being chased out of the venue while repeatedly pleading: “Please, I’m sorry!”

Check out the video, as well as N3on’s response, on the social media post below:

On my life I’m about to be done with this bull*hit. I just got ran after by grown ass 40 year olds and I ran into a road with driving cars and went into a dead end in a parking garage and I see this.

I’m good off this fake ass love.