Watch: MMA Fighter Pulls Off Tarikoplata Submission

Watch: MMA Fighter Pulls Off Tarikoplata Submission

The Cage Legacy 18 MMA event in Dublin, Ireland, had a spectacular undercard bantamweight fight.
Two amateur fighters, Jake Ngai and Byron Murphy, fought well – and their match ended in a rare submission, the Tarikoplata.

It happened in the third round. Ngai first started setting up an Armbar from the bottom position, while Murphy tried to stand up. However, Ngai didn’t let go of his opponent’s arm.
Instead, he transitioned to the Tarikoplata – and got the verbal tap!

Watch the 19-year old’s submission setup and the tap on the video below:

This loss moves Byron Murphy to a 2-3-1 amateur MMA record. He previously lost at Cage Legacy 17 in September, but has only made his MMA debut last April.

Jake Ngai, however, now sports a 4-1 amateur record. Though he made his mixed martial arts debut in February this year, he’s already shown a lot of potential.
He previously lost his first bout via TKO at the 2022 IMMAF European Championships, and then lost to a unanimous decision against Yaman Mjahed.

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