[WATCH] Kevin Holland Snaps Michal Oleksiejczuk’s Arm At UFC 302 – With Gruesome Armbar

[WATCH] Kevin Holland Snaps Michal Oleksiejczuk’s Arm At UFC 302 – With Gruesome Armbar

Kevin Holland secured a memorable victory at UFC 302…
By ending his fight against Michal Oleksiejczuk with a brutal Armbar – that resulted in a gruesome arm injury.

It was Oleksiejczuk who first landed a powerful overhand left that sent Holland crashing to the canvas.
However, in his eagerness to capitalize on the knockdown, Oleksiejczuk left his arm vulnerable as he followed Holland to the ground.

Holland, a BJJ black belt under UFC veteran Travis Lutter, immediately recognized the opportunity – he quickly transitioned to an Armbar, securing the submission and beginning to apply pressure.

Oleksiejczuk refused to tap, desperately attempting to wriggle free.
Holland, left with no other option, intensified the Armbar by leaning back and fully extending it.

This action caused a sickening pop in Oleksiejczuk’s arm, forcing referee Herb Dean to intervene and stop the fight:

Holland shared that he didn’t want to go “full throttle” on the submission at first, but had to after seeing that there would be no tapping out by his opponent:

I was trying not to go too hard, but then I realized he wasn’t going to tap.

I asked [Herb Dean] to stop it a little earlier, but Herb Dean was like: “You’ve got to go a little bit longer.”

When I first put him in the Armbar, I heard the pop.
After that, it wasn’t popping again and I was like: “I’m going to have to do a full-blown break.”

He wishes nothing but good things for his Polish opponent:

I definitely want to win the fight because I like both of my checks, but no harm I wish done to him.

So I hope he’s OK and I hope it’s truly not broken because he seemed to be a cool guy.