[Watch] Highschool Kid Takes Down Police Officer With Body Lock Takedown

[Watch] Highschool Kid Takes Down Police Officer With Body Lock Takedown

Training martial arts for law enforcement should be a must. Especially for police officers… Which a recently viral video, displaying a police officer trying to break up a fight between two high school students, clearly showed.

Namely, when the police officer tried to approach one of the students, the 15-year old established a Body Lock grip and took the officer down.
The police officer didn’t suffer any injuries and the student was arrested.

Among other things, this video shows the necessity of applying the inside position:

Establishing inside position also allow for multiple options for takedowns and reduces the risk of an individual accessing personal weapons and weapons on your duty belt. Regardless if you are standing or on the ground inside position is advantageous.

For example, by drilling pummeling you can work on establishing inside position and an underhook.
Following simple concepts and principles like establishing inside position will give you the advantage.

Also, it goes to show that if law enforcement doesn’t train… They will respond to adverse situations in an untrained manner:

If you do not train consistently using a Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling and judo-based curriculum focused on concepts, principles and techniques while integrating weapons, (including less lethal) striking, case law and policy… You are untrained.

Untrained individuals result in an untrained response.