Watch: Double Buggy Choke Submission at a 10th Planet Tournament

Watch: Double Buggy Choke Submission at a 10th Planet Tournament

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is full of surprises and unexpected twists (sometimes quite literally). And that’s especially true once you enter the highly competitive realm; where both athletes are going hard against each other, doing their best to tap the other one out.
This is exactly what recently happened at one of in-house 10th Planet tournaments – where the first case of a competitive Double Buggy Choke took place! Even Eddie Bravo was baffled.



It all started out when one of the athletes ended up in bottom Side Control. He, then, decided to go for the Buggy Choke; but the thing was that he went for it against Derek Rayfield – a man who’s well-known for his Buggy Choke skills!
So, as the choke was set up, Rayfield knew what to do. He lifted his opponent off the ground and loosened up the choke. However, the other athlete then reversed the position… All the while maintaining the choke in place.

It was then that Rayfield saw his opportunity. He went for a Buggy Choke himself, which resulted in both him and his opponent becoming tangled up in what was never seen before; a Double Buggy Choke position.
In the end, it was Rayfield who emerged victorious from the ordeal. His opponent was forced to release his submission in order to break free, but was ultimately unsuccessful in doing so – tapping out in the end.

Check out this unique situation below, as well as Eddie Bravo’s reaction:

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