Vitor Shaolin Ribeiro & Leo Vieira Want To Face Each Other At Metamoris 3


Source: BJJrants

2 BJJ legends want to dig up their old rivalry and put it on the line in a Metamoris 3 submission only superfight:

Leo Vieira: “I would like to face Shaolin. He was my biggest rival on the mat and we always did exciting fights Would be nice that we can face each other again. I like Vitor. I have so much respect, but fight against him back in the time makes me improve my game and my style every single competition.”

Vitor Shaolin Ribeiro responded:

” Years ago, I would have to say Leo was my toughest opponent. I never fought someone who challenged me so much in my game. I always believed in my life I had good speed and endurance, but against Leo he always put everything into check for me. After my fight against him where I lost, I rushed back to school after the fight and tried to figure out why I lost. Always with Leo was a good fight! It was always decided by little things. I think one of the best fights we did was in the no gi at the Pro Am I think in 2000. It was an amazing fight, I think we fought around 15 minutes.It was a good back and fourth fight. Leo had great take downs and the match was overall very slippery. For me it would be a pleasure to go out and train for about 3-4 months to get into great shape to fight against Leo. To have a quick pace fight in no gi that he and I both love. It would be great to have it in a great show than oppose to a tournament to turn it into an event. Something similar to Metamoris with a longer time limit.“

“I really, really enjoy the idea of facing him in a no gi fight again. It makes me excited once again with all the training and all the focus to face tough opponents. To come back in shape and fight him again.”

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Here is a old match of Shaolin Vs Leonzinho at the Sao Paulo Challenge: