Upcoming: The Submission Underground Absolute Tournament

Upcoming: The Submission Underground Absolute Tournament

On June 27, Submission Underground (SUG) is going to feature an absolute tournament, with some of the top Jiu-Jitsu athletes and submission only grapplers in the world. The eight-man tournament winner will be rewarded with $10.000,00 and a shot at Mason Fowler’s – the SUG champion – title.
Namely, in June 2020, Flower won matches against Warren Brooks, Kody Steele, and Roberto Jimenez; in order to earn a shot for the SUG absolute title against Craig Jones. He then acquired back-to-back wins over Jones, subsequently defending his belt seven times.



Some amazing and exciting athletes will be featured on June 27! Here they are:

  • Kyle Boehm: a 10th Planet black belt and a dangerous submission-only specialist, who is well acquainted with the EBI overtime format that is utilized by SUG. He’s won matches against the likes of Lucas Barbosa, Gabriel Almeida, and Tex Johnson.
  • Renato Tagliari: Boehm’s first round opponent and a black belt under Caio Terra, who also has experiences in fighting under the EBI and submission-only rulesets.
  • Tanner Weisgram: a predominantly Gi-competition based athlete, he has lost a match to Tagliari in 2019.
  • Ronny Markes: a black belt under Andre Pederneiras and a mixed martial arts veteran. He won five matches via submission, out of his 19 professional MMA wins.
  • Roberto Jimenez: he lost to Fowler in the 2020 SUG absolute tournament, but has improved significantly since then. His attacking game will surely bring additional excitement to the tournament.
  • Adam Smith: undefeated in the SUG competition, as he holds wins over Alex Larmey and Benji Silva. Like Markes, Smith is also an MMA veteran, with 20 fights to his name.
  • Jim Alers: yet another MMA (UFC) veteran, who lost via submission against Roberto Jimenez at the Combat Jiu-Jitsu Worlds.
  • Pedro Marinho: an IBJJF Worlds champion and Pans champion as a brown belt. Aside from winning against Jimenez, he holds wins against the likes of Gabriel Almeida, Oliver Taza, and William Tackett.


Here’s the SUG’s Instagram post about the upcoming tournament: