UFC Matchmaker Shares Advice For Prospects Who Want To Get Signed By The Promotion

UFC Matchmaker Shares Advice For Prospects Who Want To Get Signed By The Promotion

UFC matchmakers are strictly forbidden to talk about the procedures behind the scenes…

However, a new video from TKO Group Holdings — the merged company between UFC and WWE — showcased a brief conversation with Mick Maynard, discussing what he’s looking for when scouting potential prospects.

Maynard’s job beyond matching fights across several divisions (he splits those duties with Shelby), involves identifying up-and-coming fighters who are worth signing to UFC, The Ultimate Fighter, and the promotion’s Contender Series.

He explained:

There’s so many aspects that Sean [Shelby – other matchmaker] and I really concentrate on.
Obviously, you’ve got to look at the record. You have to look at -are they finishing fights?

Quite frankly, if they’re not finishing fights on the regional level, they’re not going to come into the biggest league in the world and finish people.

That’s important.

Maynard explained the benefits of getting the so-called UFC scholarship:

They get a scholarship, they’re fed, they’re housed, they have world-class coaching, they have world-class physical therapy, world-class facilities.

So after seeing the growth, especially in Mexico City, to be off the charts — obviously when you look for talent with us, we want them to be the best fighters in the world.

There are instances when a supertalented person is found and that’s when it all pays off:

Every now and again, you’ll get a Conor McGregor who has his personality that’s off the charts and you have a whole new animal.
A superstar.

All of those things combined, we take into account.