UFC Fighter Reveals A Weight Cut Left Him Impotent: “Nothing Was Up”

UFC Fighter Reveals A Weight Cut Left Him Impotent: “Nothing Was Up”

Weight cuts are never easy… And they often come with a whole array of negative side effects – some more shocking than others.
And, well, UFC’s Alexander Hernandez revealed one of the most shocking ones.

Namely, Hernandez built up a record of 5-4 in the UFC at 155 pounds. But, after losing to Renato Moicano in February last year, he dropped down to 145 pounds.
So what happened as a byproduct of the weight cut? The 30-year-old revealed during the UFC Vegas 69 press conference:

I’ve got some of the best nutritionists in the world, Perfecting Athletes are the group I go with. It’s not like I wasn’t eating, it was just small, man.
It was rough, it was the roughest.

It wasn’t like I was moaning every day, I was super locked in, but my d*ck didn’t work in the morning. Nothing was up.

I was Gender X, moving through for three months. Just a straightforward path.

Other than that downside, it seems that Hernandez was quite satisfied with how it all came to be during the fight camp:

Doing that for enough time probably weighs on the brain a little bit. It was tough, everything was low. Everything was depleted.

I felt strong, though. I felt fast, I felt faster than I’ve ever felt.
The conditioning during the camp was fantastic.