UFC Fight Pass Invitational: Nick Rodriguez Replaces Vinny Magalhães In Gordon Ryan Matchup

UFC Fight Pass Invitational: Nick Rodriguez Replaces Vinny Magalhães In Gordon Ryan Matchup

Gordon Ryan was supposed to face Vinny Magalhães today, December 15, at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational event…
However, in a new turn of events, Magalhães had to back out from the bout due to weight cut issues – and has been replaced by Nick Rodriguez!

And yes, even John Danaher is excited about the upcoming rematch:

Originally Mr Rodriguez was to compete in the Open Weight Tournament, but he stepped in last minute after the UFC was informed of Mr Magalhaes situation.

Even though this is a rematch, it takes place under different rules:

The two former team mates met in the final of the ADCC World Championships earlier this year – Gordon Ryan won that encounter via heel hook, but this is a new match.

Importantly, it will be fought under different rules – EBI Rules.
Nicky Rod recently won the EBI Open Weight tournament in spectacular fashion – every match via submission, showing the world his prowess in this rule set.

In short… We are in for a spectacular match!

As former sparring partners each knows the others game very well land what they have to do to win!

The size, speed, flexibility, mobility and strength advantage will go to Nicky Rod, he weighed in around 230 pounds to Mr Ryan around 220.
But Gordon Ryan is a true master of technique and uses it to exert unprecedented levels of control over even the most physically formidable opponents.


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