Tom DeBlass: “Tom Hardy Is A Very Solid BJJ Blue Belt”

Tom DeBlass: “Tom Hardy Is A Very Solid BJJ Blue Belt”

Tom Hardy is a 4-stripe BJJ blue belt… But how good, really, are his Jiu-Jitsu skills?

Well, Tom DeBlass – who’s been coaching the famous actor a couple of times, as well as watching him train for a number of training sessions – says that Hardy is an exceptional student:

He shows up, he drills 100% of the time and truly is obsessed with learning. He asks questions when he isn’t sure, and he listens phenomenally when given directions.

Tom is very strong for his size, and he does not stop moving even when he gets tired.
He trains like a man who has experienced a lot in life, and he has zero fear of looking bad. These are all very rare qualities in a blue belt.

DeBlass continues to emphasize Hardy’s exceptionality:

I cannot help to point out, this is another example of the parallels that Jiu-Jitsu and life possess.
He has undoubtedly worked harder than 99% of humans in his chosen field, and he brings the same work ethic and willingness to learn on the mats.

All in all, he’s a hard-working student who expects no special treatment – and is a very solid blue belt:

Tom enjoys being a student, he expects no special treatment, and he lines up in class like everyone else.
Tom is undoubtedly a very, very solid blue belt. He is actually an anomaly at 45 years old.


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