The Return Of The First & Only European Black Belt Adult World Champion, France’s Laurence Cousin Fouillat



Laurence Cousin Fouillat from France is the first (and still only) European to ever win a black belt adult gold in the IBJJF world championships. She won in 2007. She recently made her comeback to IBJJF competitions after a 5 year break, at the the London Open where she took gold in her division and came second in the absolute to Sweden’s Janni Larsson. Here is what Laurence had to say about her competition and about her plans to compete in 2013 in Europeans and the 2014 world championships:

“After 5 years of absence from the IBJJF and almost 3 years without competition, I did not know how I compared to the current level of competition. I won my final in my weight class and I finished second in the absolute losing 2-0 against a much heavier opponent. I’m a little disappointed but it is only the beginning!
Thank you a Ksp Toulouse for my taking care of my backproblems. It is good now!
Damien Charles Aristide for your help in my physical preparation.
A big thank you to all my students who trust and follow me. (Thank you for all your messages, it really helped me!)
Thank you to Thomas Loubersanes for pushing me to compete again and rolling with me every day!
Thank you to Hugo Fevrier and tropa de elite without whom I would never have been on the mat!
Thank you to Kraken Sponsoring who supports me every day!
The adventure is just beginning!”