‘That Craig Jones Seminar’ Attendee Gives Context For What Happened: “It Wasn’t A Seminar”

‘That Craig Jones Seminar’ Attendee Gives Context For What Happened: “It Wasn’t A Seminar”

Several days ago, Craig Jones shared information about a certain seminar attendee who went too hard in a roll…
Prompting Jones to go hard as well – which ended with a leg injury for the attendee.

But it appears that, at least according to another seminar attendee, not everything is as it may seem on first sight.

The attendee, with an alias of “Andrew_BJJ” on Reddit, decided to explain what happened.
He first explained that it wasn’t a seminar, but almost like a regular training session:

It wasn’t a seminar, it was almost a normal training session, so don’t take the subtitles on the video as a sign of disrespect, it was just that time was limited and some guys (not all) didn’t want to miss the opportunity to grapple with a star like Craig, since the opportunity was previously offered.

Andrew also made some remarks on the guy whose leg was allegedly injured by Craig:

The man who fought Craig later said that Craig was very careful with the leglock and after some attempts to get out of the leglock, there was a certain snap only because his knee was already injured before, but after the seminar he left without serious injury.

By the way, this man said “Coach, let’s go”, not “Let’s go, let’s go.”

But the point of not going too hard at seminars still stands…

In general, I think the main message of this video is “learn to flow roll and without rushing”.

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