Supermom Mackenzie Dern Ready For Upcoming Bout 4 Months After Childbirth

Supermom Mackenzie Dern Ready For Upcoming Bout 4 Months After Childbirth

BJJ world and ADCC Champion Mackenzie Dern and her husband, pro surfer, Wesley Santos recently became parents in June of this year to little girl Moa.

After a hiatus from maternity leave, Dern is scheduled to face Amanda Ribas on October 12, 2019 at UFC on ESPN+ 19.

In the meantime, she faced an unpleasant situation a few days ago in Huntington Beach, California. Her husband and her were by the pier with their daughter Moa. Mackenzie was standing a few feet away from Wesley who was holding Moa.

Mackenzie Dern & Husband Had An Encounter with Racist Woman At The Beach

Mackenzie believes that being a mother that will bring her inspiration in the ring. She spoke to Michael Bisping for MyProtein.

“It really is a big step I think for me. I think a lot of people, I have a lot of followers, seeing if I’m going to make weight, seeing if I’m going to fight good, how I’m going to have more motivation with having a baby and everything. So, I’m really excited for this fight.”

She promises that her weight problems are a thing of the past:

“A lot of people will say she didn’t even try, she doesn’t care,” Dern said. “I think this is going to show people how much I really am trying, cause it really is not so easy to come back that fast and be 115-pounds when I usually walk around at 135.”

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