Student Challenges University Professor To Wrestling Match – Gets Thrown

Student Challenges University Professor To Wrestling Match – Gets Thrown

Have you ever had a university professor… That you, kind of, wanted to “even the score” with?
Well, this one student had an opportunity to do just that. He allegedly challenged his professor to a wrestling match during class; and the professor accepted it!

But here’s the thing. It’s obvious that the student and the professor are both skilled wrestlers; even though the student noticeably hesitated to shoot for a takedown.
After fighting for underhooks for some time, the two went for collar ties. Then, when the student finally went for the Single Leg, the professor countered by grabbing onto his head. However, the student managed to escape.

Then, it was the professor who went for the Single Leg. He wrapped his arms around the student’s knee and the student sprawled, trying to rotate on professor’s back. However, given that he’s circled in the wrong direction, the professor snatched his leg and dumped him on the floor.
Even though he tried to avoid getting pinned, the university professor sprawled on top of the student and prevented him from getting up.

The two then stood back up to a normal stance yet again, with the professor sprawling on top of the student’s takedown attempt; making it to his back.
In the end, the professor saluted his student for the performance, and called for an applause from the students in the audience.


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