Strikes Thrown During BJJ Match in Singapore

Strikes Thrown During BJJ Match in Singapore

This unfortunate incident happened during a BJJ superfight in Grapple Asia, Singapore between Shaqueme Shem Rock (Monarchy MMA Gym) and Huang Shihao (BJJ Singapore).

It appears that the Singapore grappler was employing some dirty tactics all throughout the match.

Shaqueme Shem Rock explained his side of the story:

There’s a difference I came to WIN you came to not LOSE!

I can feel that he really didn’t want to engage and he wanted to use dirty tactics like eye gauging me with his chin and pushing me when my back’s turned. You wanna make this a real fight then come to MMA let’s settle this bro 🤷🏽‍♂️ I’ll give all my fight purse to you.
Any event wanna sell out a show let me know I’ll fight this guy anytime but I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to run again 😴😴😴
Thanks grapple asia for the opportunity sorry for the way I reacted I should not have done so. But if u poke a lion expect to be bitten

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Here is the full match: