Shoyoroll Gis Will Be Sold at 2018 IBJJF Europeans in Portugal

Shoyoroll Gis Will Be Sold at 2018 IBJJF Europeans in Portugal

One of the most iconic brands in BJJ: Shoyoroll has made a major announcement: it will be present at the upcoming 2018 IBJJF European championship which will be held in Lisbon, Portugal from January 15th to 21st.

The company is sponsoring some of the best BJJ players in the world, such as Mendes brothers, Buchecha, Miyao brothers and many, many others.

Shoyoroll is a manufacturer of grappling equipment (mainly Gis), which has a cult following especially with so called “BJJ nerds”. This is due to a specific company policy, where they have limited releases of Gis and only in a specific period. This results in a situation where Gis are sold online within a few hours, sometimes even minutes. The low supply and high demand of products means that the Gis actually go up in valu, even when they are used, and people often collect them and sell them on ebay for up to even 10 times the price.

Buchecha Switches Teams, Happy To Join Shoyoroll Family


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Shoyoroll announced the sale:

Shoyoroll in co-operation with Albino & Preto, is proud to announce that they will both release a limited kimono at the 2018 EUROPEAN IBJJF JIU JITSU CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Albino & Preto

Available: Friday, 19th January at 13:00 until sold out.
Product: Kimono (For Reserve and In Person Euros Only)


Available: Saturday, 19th January at 13:00 until sold out.
Product: Kimono (Euros In Person Only )

*EURO Shoyoroll Vault Access (Saturday Only):

The Shoyoroll Vault is a private reserve of select kimonos from previous release’s that are no longer available. Model and size vary depending on what is made available. Every kimono from the vault is brand new, and from its original production date.

For all patrons that have patiently waited in line, each person will receive access to the Shoyoroll Vault when it is opened to UK/ EU at a later date. You must be registered at www.shoyoroll.uk, and receive a confirmation at Euros, in order to gain access and receive information about the vaults opening date and time. Vault access is only for those with valid shipping address in the European Union or United Kingdom.

Safe travels to all those heading to Euros, we look forward to seeing you all there.