Sebastian Brosche Victorious At Abu Dhabi World Pro Trials In Sweden


Sebastian with his girlfriend Stine

Swedish juggernaut Sebastian Brosche (check out his interview HERE) took double gold at the brown/black belt weight and absolute at last weekend’s Sweden Abu Dhabi World Pro Trials which were held in Stockholm. A large number of Scandinavian natives fought it out to win paid-for tickets to the main event in Abu Dhabi. Contestants will be headed to the spectacle in April 2013.

This was a 4 star event with travel packages only going to winners of certain divisions. In order to qualify athletes had to place in their weight divisions so that they could be entered into their appropriate absolute divisions. Only after winning the gold in the absolute would they be awarded the golden ticket.

Open Class White Belt Male – Marcus Buksinski of MMA Gerke

Open Class Blue Belt Male – Max Lindblad of Prana

Open Class White / Blue Belt Female – Ambar Villagrán of Checkmat

Open Class Purple Belt Male- Sasa Srndovic of Checkmat

Open Class Female Purple / Brown / Black Belt : Ida Hansson of Checkmat

Open Class Brown/ Black Belt Male Light: Sebastian Brosche of Frontline

Open Class Light Brown/Black Belt Male Heavy: Bruno Matias of Checkmat

Watch Sebastian Brosche’s Fights:

Here are thhe next trials to be scheduled and that are coming up soon! See some of the locations & dates below!

December 1 – Argentina (3*)

December 1 – Portugal (5*)

December 15 – Italy (3*)December 15 – Hong Kong (3*)

January 19-22 – Rio de Janeiro (5*)

January 26-27 – San Diego, CA (5*)

February 2 – Hawaii (4*)

For more information please visit: www.uaejj.com

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